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  1. Celebrating The Life of The Late Eddie Guerrero

    I wanted to focus on the Life of one of the all time Greats Eddie Guerrero.

    I'm Writting this Novermeber 13th, 6 years ago today we not only lost a Great Wrestler but the World Lost a Great man, A wonderful Father, A inspirational Man, A caring Person and so much more on November 13th.

    I was preparing for my sons first Birthday and I read the news about Eddie Guerrero ...

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  2. top 10 Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts

    This is a list of the Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts. Not much more to say here so we will get right to it.

    Since EWN only lets me put so many videos and pics up only the lower portion wil have video footage.

    10. John Cena Debut on SmackDown.
    When Kut Angle challenged anyone in the back, No one expected that a young muscled up wrestler with generic and ring ...

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  3. Top 5 Survivor Series PPV Matches

    This top 5 list is based on quality, not historic value, Dont get me wrong Historic value means alot but im not gonna put Undertakers debut on here cause it made history but the match was medicore at best and The Bret Hart Screw job match just cause the screw job ending made history... This is the Top 5 best matches from Survivor series.

    You be shocked to see that all of these matches ...

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  4. The Rocks Top 5 Matches

    With all the talk of the Great one comming back to Action after a almost 8 year absence. So we will look back at some of The Rocks best matches.

    The Rules
    We are gonna stick with one on one matches or triple threats no tag or mutli men tag matches.

    5. The Rock vs Kurt Angle No Way Out 2001
  5. Top 5 Submission Finishers in Wrestling History

    This Blog is dedicated to the top 5 Submission Finishers in Wrestling History. As always we are gonna stick with American wrestling, cause my lack of knowledge of international Wrestling.....
    Submission finishers are very Rare in Wrestling, and to make them a legit threat is a near impossible feat. If you look back in WWF and WCW very few people used a submission finisher, It was mostly a ...

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  6. Top 5 Come backs in Prowrestling History

    Well with the Lack of responce I had to my last blog I decided to do something a little more interesting. This is the Top 5 Combacks in Wrestling History. This Isnt a 1 time comeback, Its a list of men who came back to wrestling either from injury, Drug and Health issues or just retired, and when they returned they were better than they were before they left. Better in Ring and Bigger Stars than ...

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  7. Top 5 Tag Team Matches in WWF/WWE History

    Today in the Top 5 we will be looking at Tag Team Wrestling in the WWF/WWE.

    Ever since Air Boom Won the Tag Titles, WWE has been giving the Tag team scene a much needed boost.... Tag Team Wrestling has never been WWF/WWEs Priority but they had some great classic Tag Team matches... So for all the Newer WWE wrestling fans who only know matches like Air Boom vs otunga and mcgillicutty ...

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  8. Who is the Best Wrestler of the 90's.. Part 2

    Sorry. I wrote this a week ago and it was never posted so i re posted it

    This is Part 2 of Who is the greatest Wrestler of the 90's.... We end it here with the Hart Brothers Starting with Owen.

    Owen Hart
    What a decade Owen had, He was apart ...
  9. The Smackdown World Title.... Where it needs to Go from Here.

    Mark Henry has Been on a tear, Beating the unbeatable Orton and basicly squashing him 2 times in a row..... Henry was built up well, But lets face it, Henry is limited and where he goes from here is all down hill. So What The WWE needs to do is Push someone using Henrys momentum.... So what I think should happen? I will Tell you.

    I would Have Mark Henry be untouchable. Let him Destroy ...

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  10. Who Is the Greatest Wrestler of the 90's?.... Part 1 Now finished.

    This Blog is to see who really was the best wrestler of the 90's. This is how it will be done, It will be done by star ratings, I will get the best Wrestlers of the decade and get their 10 highest rated matches, tally up their star ratings and who ever has the highest score wins.... This Is for American wrestling only and is limited to WWF/WCW/ECW... Remember this is who had the Best matches and nothing ...

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