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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    after this wrestlemania you can probably add rock vs john cena... overrated and it's probably going to suck. First of all degrading a legends to cena's level because he can't step his game up is PATHETIC, and you know sooner or later superman cena is going to win and be shoven down our throat. vince will expect you to love it since he beat the rock when it probably will SUCK and cena will never beat the true rock, the rock at his prime, the rock vince wont let cena face. Cena does not even deserve to face him, it's sad.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    The Hogan/Rock match was about average. But that wasn't the point. Just like The Rock vs Cena this year. It's not going to be a great match. But it's the battle of generations. It's drawing power.

    About Taker/HBK WM 25. Was it the best match ever? Maybe, maybe not. But let me ask you, what else did you want these two to do for the last 10 minutes of the match? Please enlighten us on how this match could have been better? Take into consideration, the era in which this match took place as well. You don't see matches like this anymore, and you probably will never see a match like this again. The attention span of fans isn't there anymore. Wrestlers can't hold fan's interest for long 30 or 40 minutes matches these days. So the finisher after finisher sequence was what it was. High drama, keep everyone interested. Edge of your seat. Who's gonna win? The Undertaker had his streak and HBK was the only person who ever truly threatened it in this match. WM 26 was predictable as Shawn was retiring...and now we know the streak will never end. But no one knew at WM 25 that the Undertaker was a sure-fire guarantee to win.
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    McMahon/Michaels was easily one of the worst WrestleMania matches I've ever seen. It was just a 20-minute beat down of McMahon and a few spots from Michaels. The only match I can say it was better than was McMahon/Hart. And of course any divas/celebrity matches they decide to throw in every year.

    Also, I think where they put these matches on the WrestleMania card results in them being watched over and over again. On the first viewing the three matches you listed are all great - Taker/Michaels was a genuine threat to end the streak and I marked out, Angle/Michaels was a shocker in that Michaels played Angle's game as opposed to his own, and Rock/Hogan was once in a lifetime and the crowd were electric so pretty much every fan marked out to that. The problem with all of them comes with re-watching them again and again. Nothing is perfect when you watch it more an more - you notice the small things which didn't effect your viewing the first time because you aren't in the moment any more. I do agree that none of those matches are the greatest matches in WrestleMania history though. For me it's Jericho/Michaels, but that could be that I'm a huge Jerichoholic.
  4. Bronson's Avatar
    I really liked this blog very interesting. I would have to agree that those matches you mentioned are not the greatest of all time especially the rock Hogan match it should not be even in the top 50 this was hard to watch. The Angle and HBK match i think is in the top 10 only for the reason in some parts of the match that angle put real wrestling moves on HBK. You could see HBK saying to Angle "what are you doing" ( NOT IN THE SCRIPT ) this was funny to watch. I would have to say the HBK and Mc Mahon cant be passed/ missed out the top 5 that was an exciting match to watch. ( Was that a WM Match just cant remember sorry ).
  5. SmackdownhotelCEO's Avatar
    I can see your point about Hulk and Rock. I liked the WM 25 match but I may be in the minority when I say this but I thought the rematch was honestly better even though we all knew the outcome of it being the end of HBK's career. The emotion of knowing what was set to happen made me mark out.
  6. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    in the moment, watching undertaker vs hbk was the greatest thing i've ever seen as a wrestling fan. i couldn't believe it. it was amazing and i don't agree with the things you said in the blog but i respect your opinion.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    @ DUBS

    Subs I was speaking of their Royal Rumble match, I liked there 17 match but it was way too short to be considered anything of a classic.

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