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    I dont know how could you disagree. Jeff Hardy was the hottest thing in wrerstling, He was having Really good, solid and exciting matches and he was insanely over. Then he went to Terrible matches and most matches he couldnt even make it down to the ring..... Jeff might be doing better now but he is no where near the level he was 3 years ago.

    Samoa Joe was a machine, dishing out Incredible match after incredible match. Joe had a Great gimmick also. I dont remember Joe having a Great match in years, Samoa Joe is below mid card now. Its like comparing Tazs ECW run to his WWE run. TNA made Samoa Joe a joke and I wish Joe gets his passion back cause he is such a excellent performer.
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    Awesome blog Crips. I agree with everything. Jeff Hardy was lazy during his return to TNA but now, hes improving and is actually trying to have great matches lately. Another person who has to be lazy is Scott Hall. He was great in the WWE, having great matches with Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Michaels, and Diesel but once he jumped to WCW, his matches were a snore and he just didn't give a damn. He was like a shell of his former self.
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    I completely disagree with Jeff Hardy & Samoa Joe. Jeff fell off the wagon once hes been doing fine since his return & Joe is finding form again teaming with magnus.
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    Have to say bro, I agree with everyone single one. The only way I can say I agree on is Davey Richards, and that is only because I never really watched ROH and don't know much about him. but I think u were right with all the other ones. Spot on bro!
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    Good list but I'd have to disagree with you on Matt partially. I'd say it was half his fault and half Wwe's. After his feud with Edge (where he was really over) he should of gone onto he mainevent but wwe held him back. In an interview Matt said that when he was cutting pre taped segment once he called himself Matt hardy version 1 but Stephanie didn't like it just an example of his charachter being held back although Stephanie eventually agreed to it. There are countless times were wwe should of pushed Matt but they didn't and overtime I think became frustrated and that's when became obsessed with YouTube and put on some weight. I'm hoping that now hes happy with Reby (and more importantly clean) he returns to wwe and gets put in the mainevent like Christian (preferably he wouldn't be buried by Orton though). He's not even that bad on the mic in my opinion.
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    Very very good list my friend i always enjoy your countdown lists. You hit the nail on the head with everyone. As far as jeff, he is one of the most over wrestlers ever, the fans love this guy. I really wanna see him have one last credible run with the WWE.

    If i had a list i would definitely throw Carlito on there. I literally thought he was a future world champ. Eventually he grew extremely lazy, lacked work ethic and just couldnt put the weed down.

    Great list bro keep em coming
  7. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I thought angle-HBK was overrated too. it was a good match, as you said...but not the Wrestlemania classic that so many people feel it is.

    Don't agree with you on the other two. Rock-Hogan was what Wrestlemania is about - that emotional dream match...great story. A match doesnt have to be a technical masterpiece to be considered a great match. Rock-Hogan was a great match...just listen to the crowd response. Rock-Cena will be the same...its been a great story leading up...the match wont' be a 5 star technical masterpiece. But that doesn't make it an average, poor or overrated match. For judge a match in pro wrestling...entertainment value is the first point to consider. Not to say that the wrestling doesn't does. There was nothing wrong with Rock-Hogan's was fine...what pushed it up to the elite level was the entertainment aspect. Which very few matches in Wrestlemania history have ever touched.

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