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  1. cdawg85's Avatar
    It was a great promo and not only did it change the tone of the match, but it changes the outlook on Punk's Character. WWE never had Punk express the meaning behind the "Straight Edge" lifestyle of CM Punk and now we know why. Definitly makes the match more watchable and enjoyable.
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    That Hogan-Rock match was not that bad on a wrestling level. No it wasnt a Bret Hart 5 star classic...but the Hogan-Rock match from WM18 was fine in terms of the wrestling. It was not overrated at fact they did better then I thought they would. Hogan really turned it up a level at that event and Rock by that time was putting on good matches with just about anyone.

    I love this list...I agree with each event totally! I HATED Bam Bam-LT at least favorite wrestlemania main event ever. That totally sucked! As did the Sid-Hogan match at WM8...Flair-Savage and Hart-Piper were SO much better storylines and matches. Those two wrestlemania main events are my least favorite by far...couldnt agree with you more.
  3. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I loved that Jericho promo too...did the same for me in taking the feud and story to the next level. I'm excited for how this plays out over the next 2 weeks leading up to the big match. I was looking forward to that match anyway, this new direction just made it that much more exciting.

    I'd like to see Rock-Cena take it up a level too...they are doing very good, two of the best promo guys ever...but at this point with two weeks to go, they need something more. I hope this week on RAW, we'll get that something.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Hogan vs. The Rock is only overrated in the fact that the wrestling is not that good. It NEVER is or was with Hogan but that doesn't matter. I have never seen a crowd act like that before and it was a tribute to both of their careers. Take any random match now days like John Morrison vs. CM Punk on TV and it's way better wrestling than anything Hogan has ever done but Hogan vs. The Rock goes down as a classic because of what it meant and the crowd felt it.
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    Please, i'm not a grammar nazi, but the expression Should of, would of etc does not exist! I guess you mean should've and would've! SO many people do this and it makes zero sense! Good blog other than that
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    I agree times ten brother. I'm loving the Jericho/Punk feud. I think honestly that match between the two will be the 5 star match of Wrestlemania. The Steamboat/Savage of this 'Mania's Hogan/Andre.

    As far as Rock/Cena I agree again. With 'Mania just a few short weeks away something needs to be done in the form of taking it to the next level. Make it personal somehow. I personally wouldn't mind seeing the two of them beat the hell out of each other and get seperated by security, or maybe have Rock/Cena on Piper's Pit.

    Again, great read keep up the good work!
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    This is great, you should do this regularly

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