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    Oh I dont doubt that WCW was poorly ran and losing money. I'm for one glad they are out of business because I love what WWE is doing with their footage..... The reason for this blog is to show of who is the really Responsible for WCWs closure.

    WCW was losing money but honestly it was 60 million like the everyone says. See Turner runs busines a different way, All the revenue WCW gets from PPVs goes to Turner sports, So on paper it shows that the 20 or 30 million a year WCW makes in PPV revnue was shown as a Profit from Turner spots not WCW. I would say WCW lost 30 million.

    but even if WCW made 50 million a year AOL would still get rid of WCW.
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    loved reading this, it was such a huge thing happening in wrestling back in the day.
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    Great blog!!! When you're a teenager growing up in the middle of the wars, you wouldn't put two and two together like that.
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    Yes, AOL was the final nail in the coffin, but those factors really did hurt WCW.

    Nash told a story how Time Warner gave 60 million dollars for a made for TV movie hoping it bring in a 2.5 or 3.0 Nielson TV rating and Nash said that WCW was bringing that on its death bed and bringing those ratings on a weekly basis and WCW could be ran for a year for that price.
    Funny you should say that. During that last year, WCW lost $62 Million in total. Not gaining, but lost. The thing is, ratings may have been high for TNT or TBS, but it was hemorrhaging money. Too boot, WCW would have died a lot sooner if Ted Turner was not supporting them.

    Their ratings were low at the time, buyrates were low, and house show sales were low. If WCW was truly profitable, they would still be alive today. The problem is, the organization was too damaged. No other channel would support it because they feared how much the cost would be. Even Bishoff knew he couldn't save it unless it came with a TV deal.

    AOL maybe responsible for taking it off the air, but its involvement was like pulling off the life support to an already barely alive organization.
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    Gud Blog!!
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    It is really simple in my mind the only match to close wrestlemania should be the WWE Title Match, whoever is in it. The WWE Title is the top title and wrestlemania is the flag ship event, so you have to close with that match.
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    Great list I agree with all of them. The most upsetting thing to me is HBK vs Taker WM25 was argueably the best match in mania history and it got bumped for 2 matches HHH vs Orton and the triple threat WHC match Edge vs Cena vs Big Show another disappointment of a main event.

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