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  1. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Too many spelling errors you gotta learn English and Grammar!What about Edge?And You forgot Christian
  2. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    good blog,have to agree,these guys deserved a major title run.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 list...all these r gr8 wrestlers..My favorite among the list is Dynamite Kid!!
  4. cdawg85's Avatar
    remember it very well, but had no idea that it was AOL that sealed the deal. I knew they merged, but always thought Ted Turner was just done with them. I've learned something today.
  5. Sony's Avatar
    The problem with WCW was the fact that during the beginning of the NWO storyline, wrestlers went by their real names and the storyline was more gritty and grown up. Bischoff had stated that he wanted to do the opposite of what WWF was doing at the time which was gimmick characters catered towards the younger audience.

    With this approach, WCW took off in the ratings. It was destroying the WWE in the ratings by a decent margin. The real problem began for WCW when the executives at Turner Network decided to change to a more kid friendly format to counter WWE's "attitude" oriented shows.

    WCW never had a chance against the WWF at this point because a youth oriented wrestling show could not compete with the "in your face" format that the WWF was producing. Not only was WCW youth oriented, but the storylines, character development, and approach were quite frankly pathetic (alot of the blame does come on Russo's shoulders for this)

    Doing the opposite of the WWF during 1996 sent WCW to a all new high, however, doing the opposite of the WWF during the latter years sent the WCW to a new low! I grew up watching the WWF, however, I always believed that WCW had a more storied history and looking back...I preferred WCW over WWF!
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    This was a great read and really educational.

    Regardless who was responsible for the death of WCW, I just remember WCW being terrible during the end. Making Hulk go by his real name fueding with Billy Kidman, The Demon, natural born thrillers, Jeff Jarrett the chosen one, LWO, The dancing fools smh.

    I thought they where starting to do better when they started to push Booker and Steiner, but it was too late.
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog Crips. Great read indeed.

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