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    Great list bro! I am the same in that I don't have twitter, but with everything I've heard and read, I think you got this right. Kudos!
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    I actually went back and rewatched Mania again, if you watch the Cena vs Rock match, Cena actually does play the sort of heel in that match because he very much beats down Rocky, Rocky fights back and I think you best see it at the end when he went for the People's Elbow. To be honest speculation will only go so far, we wont know until (if ever) they change Cena to a heel.
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    @Stone Cold Rock Bottom

    See where your wrong is this is not a Cena bashing artical, actually I give Cena a hell of alot of credit for being a great face and putting on some classic matches..... Cena just works better in the ring as a face than a heel... I wanted Cena to beat The Rock at WM28, I was 100% for Cena winning and I expected The Rock to show alot of ring rust but give the devil his due he was crisp and had great timing, Cena disappointed me cause one thing about Cena is he ALWAYS Deilvers in big matches, Never has he disappointed in a big match atmosphere. So yes I was very Disappointed in Cena at WM. but I still think Cena puts on great matches despite his short commings and I appreciate Cenas body of work in the last 7 years. So no I'm not anti Cena and Pro Rock or anti Cena and Pro Punk. I just tell it how I see it
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    Are you serious man? I've seriously had it with this Cena bashing crap. You people despise him that much you can't see the truth. Cena carried RAW last Monday night. For the record his Super Cena gimmik pisses me off. Why........ because he sells it so very well. Cena is the face of the company because he is the most talented individual the WWE has at its disposal. I laugh at all the bloggers on here that say "never been a Cena fan" or "Cena must turn heel he's boring" don't you get it people. Cena's is the perfect PG era persona. Kids love him, most adults hate him. He draws heat and cheers at the same time, every time he steps on the ramp. No one before him has been able to do that on this sort of scale. And as for this nonscene about him being average in the ring and "non athletic" that's where you lost me man. Are u Kidding? Do me a favor, next time he wrestles...........don't think or feel..............just watch. Trust me you'll finish with a different perception. At Wrestlemania I was hoping the Rock would win. I was cheering for the era more than the man. Watch that match back again. The Rock was PATHETIC in the ring. Terrible. Cena carried that match from start to finish. Don't like the current character and I am hoping they do turn him heel at some point so that I can cheer for him before his carer ends. And have no fear..........Cena is no Randy Orton. He has serious talent and a heel turn would just prove it once and for all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronell
    You make some really great valid points, but you mean to tell me that Cena's untalented ass outweighs the attention WWE will get from turning Cena heel! That will be the biggest thing since Hogan turning heel. The emotion behind it is why it needs to happen. The kids who love Cena have no REAL emotion for the storylines, that is why they watch stuff like Spongebob and Adventuretime, because they don't care about story, just cartoons and color. What the Rock made fun of Cena for is exactley what WWE MARKETING wants Cena to do. That is why he looks like a fruity pebble all the time! Every 4 mos there is a new color Cena shirt because kids LOVE COLORS! So I believe it is a waste of time to try to write anything for Cena because kids cheer him no matter what! Now if he turns heel, those kids will get their first taste of emotion, they will feel betrayed and probably really sad, but that emotion is what makes these storylines thrive and give it some backbone. And everything that makes Cena a great FACE is what everybody hates in him. His limited set of moves, athleticism, and that is what will make him a great heel. People are already booing him as a FACE for that, so why not even more as a HEEL! You can even see it building to that. Look at Cena's face sometimes. The mixed reactions do bother him. I think WWE is telling him to have that reaction on his face to build up him turning. All the pieces are there....they bring Rock in to put over Cena, now they bring Brock in to put over Cena and knock some teeth in. This is elements for a perfect storyline. Cena who works his ass off for the company and fans, is put to the backburner for those who have left for bigger pastures, turning their back on WWE, now back for the attention and paycheck! Remember Cena said he HAD TO WIN MANIA! Well he didn't so he has to have a chip on his shoulder. Hogan was never booed the way Cena does, when Hogan was a top FACE and he turned HEEL, and trust me Hogan's set of moves are nothing to be in awe of either. Hogan made a great HEEL because of who he was and now he has turned bad, not because he could control a match, or make someone else look good. Same goes for Cena. THE CENA HEEL TURN NEEDS TO HAPPEN!
    I agree 100%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead
    Why everyone seems to forget he was heel before LOL
    Because people like to point at things they've said (Cena wont be a good heel) so they can prove they predicted it before (a botched heel run) it happens. Simples!
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    This blog honestly makes no sense. And I'm not saying this to flame or anything I promise, but if you read this blog with a wider lens, it's just another "Cena sucks in the ring" blog.

    Cena CAN have a good grasp of the psychology of a wrestling match. Cena vs Umaga Last Man Standing Royal Rumble 2007, HBK vs Cena Ironman Match on Raw, 2007, and Cena vs CM Punk MitB 2011 all prove Cena isn't the worst in the ring, by far. He HAS gotten complacent, sure, but that doesn't mean he can't go when he needs to.

    Another point I need to address is the statement that "working as a heel is a lot different then working as a face". I agree with this statement, but argue that it is much HARDER to work as a FACE than it is as a heel. There are many different directions two wrestlers can take a match, psychology wise, but when simplified it all comes back to the same basic formula: the heel, at some point during the match, gets the advantage of the babyface and puts heat on him. The babyface then sells the beatdown and tries to garner sympathy from the crowd. Then, he makes a miraculous come back.

    Cena uses this basic formula for 99.958% of his matches. It is not working. And this is due to the fact that he has a really hard time selling anything. Whether it be moves, another wrestler's promos, or whatever, he can't sell if his life depended on it. On the other hand, he's already been proven to be able to get heat EVEN as a babyface. His offense gets him heat. It'd be an easy transition to turning heel.

    In any case, WWE has neither the intelligence nor creative ability to capitalize on the heat he has been developing from his feud with The Rock, CM Punk, and even Kane. By the time they actually turn him, the crowd will have given up caring.

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