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    second_city_sinner bro yeah even I forgot Kozlov...he'll suit MMA to the TEE....E has dropped ball on him...hd they mt have kept his serious gimmick Lesnar n him would have made a gr8 feud...
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    anderson sylvia classic!!!

    del rio cant be on the list havce seen what cro cop did to him XD

    if you watch mma lesnar was good when people didnt know how to approach fights with him but look what happened to him when he had to deal with world class strikers and before the "he was ill" crap starts he said himself he had the best training camp of his career before overeem but there is no denying he was a beast

    and swagger would of been top of my list he is huge and a top wrestler with speed but benjimin he is what 230-240? he would get owned at heavyweight i think he would be a good middleweight though and someone you missed out on.......kozlov!!! he is currently training he is a master of sambo and a pretty good wrestler and he was russian special forces so he's a bad ass
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    I think a serious Santino would(has background) daniel bryan; i can picture someone tapping to the Yes Lock.
    Santino is a MMA guy...he wrestled in Japan for years...I read some where like his record is 6-1, which is way impressive than Brock's record of 5-3 on paper....

    So, he will not make this list as Crippler made it clear that No Wrestlers who were in MMA..

    I just want Santino to play two characters..
    1. The current gimmick
    2. MMA guy gimmick

    or we can have Santino try to practice MMA so that he can be a LEGIT wrestler like Brock...n finally succeeding in beoming one...

    do anything but, allow him to show his skills...with his comedy intact...
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    Well Honestly I wrote the blog cause it seemed like a different idea and a refreshing break from my usual list.
    It is refreshing...and a gud blog!!

    Not to mention Brock Lesnars record is 4-3 which isn't what I call a Amazing MMA.
    True!! When I heard he went to MMA..I started browsing for it to understand what MMA is...n I though Brock is a freak n will have an unbeaten record...but, he's not that impressive....nevertheless...he made gud money for UFC...
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    I Really wanted to put Swagger at Number 1, He is very impressive but People like Jim Ross, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle putting over how Tough Shelton Benjamin in and how Well he be suited for MMA... I also seen some of Benjamins Amature Wrestling matches and he is very agressive and strong.
    hmm I donno abt it...but I love Benjimin as a pro-wrestler...I donno why E dropped the ball over him...
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    @The Ultimate Dude
    I think Shelton will do pretty well in MMA. I'm not saying he be a Lesnar of some sort but I think he do Well along with Swagger.... Lesnar done well for himself but lets face it if he was never in The WWE then he wouldnt be any where near the UFC championship.....No one in the UFC withe a record of 1-1 would get a UFC championship match.

    Not to mention Brock Lesnars record is 4-3 which isn't what I call a Amazing MMA. For a prowrestler turned MMA fighter Brock is Good but when it comes to UFC or MMA fans, I doubt they would rank him very highly.

    And I know most of you will use the excuse of Brock having a illness but Lets face it, Brock really hasn't beaten and stiff competition. Heath herring, Who is that really?, A 44 year old Randy Couture who is in the Twilight of his career, A Unproven Shane Carwin and he evened up the Frank Mir rivalry 1-1 (Frank Mir is not considered a Great MMA fighter any more, Not by a long shot).

    Brock Really disappointed me in his UFC career I thought he be more dominate, I Think he did well but not as well as everyone is making it, He undeservingly got pushed to the moon and beat a 44 year old UFC champion in the twilight of his career and half his size. Brock Came at The right time where the Heavy weight division in UFC was very weak.

    Brock Lesnar will probably be the Best Prowrestler turned MMA fighter, but he will Never go down as one of the Best UFC competitors but Brock Will Go down as the biggest Draw in UFC history thanks to WWE.
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    Well Honestly I wrote the blog cause it seemed like a different idea and a refreshing break from my usual list.

    I really dont have any evidence that Daniel Bryan is a actual legit tough guy and I dont know how he fair in the middle weight divison, they are some dominate guys in there. Isnt Anderson Sylvia in there?, I forget his name.

    I figure MMA is pretty cut in dry, I know a little about it and I know enough about wrestling and heard enough back stories to know what these guys are all about. I dont think any one could predict who will be successful in MMA. Its like prowrestling, You say "Oh this Guy would be great in wrestling" and you go "This Guy will never make it" and the guy you say will never make it ends up being a Miz and making us look foolish.

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