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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    and the truth has been told
  2. Keith Stone's Avatar
    He's not a hypocrite, he's just human everybody has flaws and double standards everybody. No one is perfect, see Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, John Cena, HHH The Rock, all of them are attention whores if they weren't they be normal people like everybody else. As far as the language he's from Chicago that's how people actually talk lol no yes sir yes mam, more like fuck off or fuck you. that's just the language when you are born there. If you went to Philly or Boston you would hear worse than what Punk put on twitter.
  3. knox's Avatar
    Fabulous blog and you know I couldn't agree more. Cm Punk is what we call an "Attention Whore". You see during the Summer of 2011, Cm Punk changed the face of the wrestling world....FOR TWO MONTHS.

    Then the attention started shifting to the Rock & Cena. Meanwhile, Cm Punk is your WWE Champion but all his segments were tanking, he wasn't the big show anymore and was easily forgotten.

    Cm Punk thought quick on his feet, he had to do something. So he started to use Twitter to gain attention. Look at how he went at Chris Brown like 2 hours after Brown won his first Grammy. Punk was looking for attention.

    Thanks for the the blog.
  4. Docdawolf's Avatar
    I've been telling everyone about Steen for months.

    I think someone has been listening to me ......

    Kill Steen Kill

  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Joe's gonna Kill you.... Kill Steen Kill! What a chant that would be.

    Crip, I see where you're taking this in that both have that unconventional look that doesn't fit the mold of what a typical wrestler is. Steen, much like Foley, is a rare exception to the rule of "you have to be 'fit' to be athletic". I think that Steen has the potential to have a future in the top two companies, but I feel he has a better chance with TNA rather than the E Universe. Much like I am anticipating Moxley, I fear his abilities to get past the censorship that is the E Universe. TNA offers Steen a bit more of ability to get his character across to fans. In all honesty, I see him like sonoftheLINK does... The character than ROH uses to get into a little more of a light. The only issues that will prevent this is ROH ability to higher adeqate staffing to offer a more polished program, but the talent (Steen, Lethal, Ciampa, Cole, Richards) is in the company to spread the reach to a general public.

    Good blog and a good comparison in the guys you picked...
  6. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Steen is playing his cards correctly. If he stays in ROH for a good amount of time, and establishes dominance.....he will build a cult following that could really take ROH to another level. Cornette understands this, and has developed the perfect adversarial relationship with him (a la McMahon/Austin).

    I don't see much comparison in Steen/Foley other than body type. Steen is an innovator, and throws down huge impact moves. Foley got over taking bumps. Steen is getting over giving them out.

    If Steen were to jump companies in the next couple years, to either TNA or WWE.....all I can see is Samoa Joe all over again.

    There's a dream match, as long as it took place in the ROH...... Steen Vs. Joe.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I think you misread my blog. I didnt say Indie guys, I meant indie looking guys. Claudio, Hero, Moxley have a great look, Cladio and Hero are pretty fit big guys who look like WWE stars... Kevin Steen doesnt look like a Wrestler, Steen looks like a guy you see putting on a tank top and making a wrestling video on Youtube.

    And as for Large guys, Look at the people you mentioned, Clay is huge, he is a former Body guard for Snoop Dog, Would you ever mess with someone that looks like Brodus Clay. Mark Henery is a Olympic power lifter and is around 6'4 and Over 400 pounds, Mark Henry looks like a monster. People would piss their pants if they ever seen Mark Henry coming at them. Husky Harris also, Harris looks like a tough guy..... Steen just looks like a average over weight guy you see at the super market. Steen Doesn't look like a Wrestler not by any means.

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