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    honestly, I don't agree 100% with the list, as there were title reigns more boring than even those. Jack Swagger for instance. Alot of people don't even remember that he was World Heavyweight Champion, but everyone remembers every title reign you posted. That means that Jack Swagger's reign should not only be on the list, but probably #1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Shouldn't Kane be on the list, or atleast have an honorable mention?
    No cause his title reign against Austin wasnt really that great, it was 1 night and it wasnt really spectaclar....... plus Kane also just recently held the world title for like 4 monthes and had a decent reign so kinda lost that Transitional champion moniker, so Kane is no longer one... a few years ago he might of got a mention, but now Kanes a bonifide champion.
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    Shouldn't Kane be on the list, or atleast have an honorable mention?
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    This was a fantastic read.
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    The blog itself was good if error filled. But the only thing I remember about Goldberg's title run in WCW were he squashed everyone and had an extremely sub-par feud with the nWo. He wasn't even a good overall wrestler. They wanted you to believe the hype around the guy, and the squashing did that, but it got old very fast. It was during his reign I started watch the WWF more than WCW again. Cena gets made fun of for his 5 MOD (Now up to 7), but Bill had only 2.

    I much preferred his WWE title reign, as he was a much more "human" character.
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    Love the article, nice to see a new blog topic every once in awhile
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    Gr8 Blog!! Sioki's one is really Gr8!!!

    Gr8 read brother!!

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