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    Yeah maybe I didn't explain it right, I was thinking of macho man and making it a tie but Macho man lost his match so he didn't keep the title, Hogan Kept the title. I should of put and kept it......... after doing all the time research I got so exhausted clocking in all the Wrestlemania main eventers times I just kinda went thru it and didn't explain some things properly.... Sorry for the confusion, But I didnt totally forget Savage , I just meant Hogan never lost the title at both Wrestlemanias.
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    earliest date wrestlemania ever happened : wrestlemania 20 was on march 15th.
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    I knew 4 or 5 had the longest cuz it felt like it took forever. Cool fact about Steamboat. Makes sense. Taker is the Ray Lewis of Mania LOL! I was so happy he finally won the world title again after so long at WM23. Cena will get HHHs record. HBK is the most impressive stat of them all. Makes sense cuz all the classics he put on including the Iron Man match. Def best debut was Lesnar. Cool facts...
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    I'm 3countdcg on the Yokozuna thing, and maybe the wording is a little funny about Hogan being the only one to hold the title from one Wrestlemania to the next, but Macho Man did win it at 4 and kept it til 5.
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    WOW awesome job its always cool to know stuff like this thank you for making my day
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    Great, but wrong. Yokozuna made his mania debut in the championship match. I realize he won the belt, but then lost it but he still debuted in the ME.
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    Ahahaha I love shit lik this!
    Great blog!

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