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    Another great blog. Definitely enjoyed reading it. You have any others coming out soon? Perhaps an "in defense of" Goldberg, Russo, Nash or another figure the majority of the IWC dislike.
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    I don't necessarily agree with everything but this is a rock solid blog. Really enjoyed reading it.
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    To me he's nothing more than the M Night Shyamalan of wrestling. Had one decent idea early on and just has to keep trying to repeat it to mirror the success they'll never have again because they refuse to change and expect the audience to.

    Vince McMahon comes out and tells the fans that they don't know what they want, but he really does. Bischoff, I think, really believes it, and if you don't like what he's doing or done then you're wrong. That's all just opinion and impression I get from his interviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    yes!! His theme is one of my all time favs...
    Great wasn't it! I was gutted when they turned him into 'The Total Package' in 99 and gave him a new theme which was just terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    Your blog is appearing as if every one is considering Luger as the worst ever wrestler...I never read anything like that some one above said, he may not be a greatest wrestler but, undoubtedly he's a decent wrestler.....
    Flexy Lexy did get a lot of abuse from the magazines and internet forums back when he was wrestling, I felt sorry for him when the famous joint WCW/WWF telecast when Vince had just bought WCW, Vince McMahon asked the live crowds feelings about certain WCW wrestlers to potentially sign, and from memory Luger was the only one who got a really negative response.
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    Eric is the genious who made wrestling very interesting...n I shall respect him for that..but, he should step down from TNA...he lost his touch!!
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    Plus his theme tune back then remains one of my all time faves, a cracking tune. It being WCW, im sure it was ripped off some chart song somewhere!
    yes!! His theme is one of my all time favs...
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