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  1. Trips88's Avatar
    @Sondreg, agreed! How can anyone count Matt Hardy as a worth while wrestler is beyond me. Jeff on the other hand is awesome and still has a lot more to give to pro wrestling and why they made a story line where he would loose his title to Mr. Kennedy......excuse me I mean Anderson is something that causes me have a giant head ache. He really should have been champ right up until the time of his incarceration. Also if anyone thinks that Shannon Moore is worth while they are insane. The man has nothing to give and is at best a third rate Hardy Boy. If for some reason I'm proven wrong and they do find a way to put him over PLEASE shoot me in the face.
  2. brodius's Avatar
    I don't believe Barrett will be facing Undertaker. I see Barrett in a Nexus vs Nexus match at Wrestlemania. My opinion is Taker will be champion or beat the champion at mania. If he is champion before mania he still wins of course. This makes him 19 - 0. They will most likely still have MITB ladder match at mania. That person comes out after Taker and loses. This takes care of 2 things. 1st Taker Can retire the next night on Raw as a champion and 20 - 0 at Mania. This also resolves the issue of a MITB winner has never lost when cashing in the contract. This is my 2 cents. Not sure who he will face but this would help alot.
  3. gohan's Avatar
    taker should face sting at wm that would be a dream match
  4. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Wade Barrett is the man Taker will be facing, I'd put all my possessions on it, the fact Barrett's on SmackDown now makes it even more likely.
  5. Sondreg's Avatar
    matt hardy has no talent, he was lucky he got as far as he did. that people even rate him is beyond me. i was laughing my ass off when he was wobbling towards the ring at genesis.
  6. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Sorry MJHardyz but if Jeff is gone, what is the point of having Matt around if he WILL NOT back up his words on him "changing pro wrestling". Being TNA champ won't cut it.
  7. knox's Avatar
    Edge isnt turning heel again, he's about a year from retirement and wants to go out as a good guy since the mainevent gist of his career has been a heel role.

    I think he will face someone un-predictable like Ezekiel Jackson.

    John Cena would be cool but I mean I think Kane, Orton, Triple H and HBK will not happen because we seen it before.
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