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  1. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    yes i also agree, doug williams angle was good 4 a while but its startn to dis-place the name of x division, he is a global champ contender and in my eyes a world champ contender but does nt in no way shape or form belong to the x-division
  2. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I abesolutely agree with just about everything u said down to the last period. What else can I say? Great blog!
  3. "nasty" nate padberg's Avatar
    I agree with this infinity percent. the x division was what made TNA. the best thing about it, was no weight limit like the light heavyweight/cruiserweight belts. and yes, the x division always steals the show, look at TNA's first monday night live show, limelight was given to the x division. suicide wrestles on explosion, with a new guy wearing the mask. petey williams was a great loss to TNA in my opinion. miss the canadien destroyer greatly. great read, look foreward to more in the future..... a stellar 2 thumbs up
  4. mwinfie's Avatar
    i agree they need to reinvigorate the x devision and for what its worth sacking sting would probably free up enough money to rehire the entier x devison roster (homicide, low ki, elix skipper, pete williams, christopher daniels, rodrick strong, sonjay dutt and all the rest). However i dont think the best way is to take the title of Williams. The idea of a champion who dislikes the highflying style that made the x devision is actually a good idea. Pitting Williams against guys like amazing red could get him great heat and still promise a good match. However they totally ballsed up the whole point of the angle by putting him against kendrick...a guy who wrestles a mat based style. that ultimate x/submission match was aweful. I'm very happy that the world title picture isnt Rhino, Jarret, Monty Brown and Kevin Nash dont get me wrong, but i miss the x devision. It doesnt need stupid stories or overpayed over the hill just needs time
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