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  1. nightman's Avatar
    You make a couple of good points, with your choices for match ups, but as you will see, I already have plans for Mr perfect. I appreciate the feedback. The thing is, you're right about why I chose this one in particular. I was thinking of doing something different for Piper, but I just kept coming back to this one, because it is obvious (old scot vs new scot) And because there really isn't any comparison between the two. I made this match, a squash.....LOL.
    I really do like the idea of Piper vs Edge though. great thinking on that one.
  2. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    This is a poor match up. The only things these two have in common are they're both Scottish and they were heels at one point. You're trying to compare a guy with a historic career with someone under two years in the WWE? If you really want this series to work, the two opponents would have to be relatable to each other.

    Example: Roddy Piper is, as you said, "At the time was one of the biggest names in all the WWF. Second only to Hulk Hogan himself." He also had a talk show segment, jumps between face and heel, and creates moments on his talk show. So who is currently second only to the current Biggest Name, Cena? Edge. Like Piper, Edge has a talk show, multiple jumps between face and heel and creates moments in his segments. Piper Vs Edge makes more sense then against McIntyre.

    Another example: Drew McIntyre's current gimmick is that he's better then you because he was chosen by Vince McMahon. Now who's gimmick was that he was simply better then you because he was Perfect? Curt Hennig. Their careers (in the WWE) are similar so far and they both won the Intercontinental title despite the fact people can see them win the World Title. Not to mention both considered themselves better then other people (for one reason or another).
  3. nightman's Avatar
    LOL....actually I have a matchup planned for Mr Orton in this series, and for Randy Savage. Just not against each other. ; )
  4. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    Randy Savage vs. Randy Orton

    Winner: Randy Orton with the RK...Ohhh Yeahhhhhh!
  5. nightman's Avatar
    Thanks for all the posetive feedback guys. I am pretty much a newbie around here, but I have been doing my blog for about a year now. I joined this site to try and share some of my older posts, while also adding my new ones, and hopefully some fans along the way. : )
  6. comaband76's Avatar
    I agree 500%!!! That's one of the reason's I started watching TNA. If Dixie says that she listens to the fans.....BRING BACK THE X-DIVISION AND THE SIX SIDED RING!!! It's what set TNA apart from the other competition. You know Jarrett can't be too happy about all of this. Bring back Petey, Sonjay, Senshi, The Naturals, Johnny Devine, Christopher Daniels, Matt Bentley, etc....And yes, a X Cup would outstanding. What wasted talent! The guys who built TNA is being pushed aside. AJ and MCMG need to SAVE THE X-DIVISION angle, or something! Doug Williams as X-Division Champ? Really? Quit smoking crack Dixie/Hogan/Bischoff!!!
  7. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Agreed. I don't watch much TNA, but I have been watching the classic X division matches that the company has had in the past on youtube. Those days are gone I'm afraid, and TNA need to do something quick to bring it back as i't's one of the big plus points the company has (or had).
    I say start an X division revolution or something with Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrik, Generation Me and say a returning Suicide (Kiyoshi I believe is playing the character these days, but the character hasn't been seen on tv for ages), and have these high flyers start a campaign to 'save the X division' or something! Also Hurricane Helms is meant to be coming into TNA, he would be a welcome addition to the X division I'm sure. Just a thought.
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