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  1. Trips88's Avatar
    Well yea Sr. is better. Like most wrestling family's the original is the better performer. The only two second/third generation wrestlers that have stepped out of the family shadows are The Rock and Randy Orton and even they have had help from their fathers. Rock came in with his dad's first name and he grandfathers last name and Orton did that whole big story line with his father back when he started out. Thus proving that father knows best.
  2. samoan619's Avatar
    100% squash match lol i say irish whip from dibiase sr to instant million dollar dream and dibiase jr is out for the count..
  3. Saiga's Avatar
    technically these two have already wrestled each other a few times in wcw...but if ur blog meant in wwe, fair enough.
  4. nightman's Avatar
    It wasn't an easy choice, thats for sure. But in the end I chose Jericho by a whisker. I do hope that Jerich finds a way to work out doing stuff with his band AND finding time to wrestle. He really is to talented to not have around.
  5. nightman's Avatar
    I agree, this one was no contest, but when I was looking at doing this series, I was trying to pick 7 of the biggest names of the 80s, and pair them up with their current counterparts. Some are better than others, and this father and son match up just had to be done, even if it was a squash..And Yes, everybody does have a price...LOL
  6. el gabo's Avatar
    Gotta agree with you on this, as painful as it is to say that someone is better than Hennig. The guy was a master in the ring. But Jericho is just the best overall wrestler of his generation. I saw him live in Puerto Rico and the guy some talking on the spot that drew sooo much heat on him. I really hope that his band breaks up or something so he can resign again with WWE. Thing is that he has so much talent that he find a job anywhere, on a TV show, wrestling, singer. That son of a bitch can do it all.
  7. el gabo's Avatar
    This one is a no-brainer. I remember seeing him when I was a 6 or 7 years old and still remember that laugh and his famous line, everyone has their price.(which is true by the way.)
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