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  1. WWE's rated PG Stars head to head. Ted DiBiase Sr vs Ted DiBiase Jr.

    For the third part of my head to head series, we are going to have a showdown between father and son. Ted DiBiase Sr vs Ted DiBiase Jr.

    There are now quite a few second, and even third generation wrestlers showing up in the WWE. But not everybody can follow in their fathers footsteps. There are those like Randy Orton, who are doing quite well for themselves. And then there are ...
  2. WWE's rated PG Stars head to head. Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho

    For today’s head to head, I got some help from a friend in choosing what I consider to be a “perfect” matchup. Curt Hennig vs Chris Jericho.

    At first I wasn’t sure that this would be a good pairing, but the more I thought about it, and did a bit of digging into their pasts and history, I realized just how much alike they really are. So on with the competition.
  3. WWE's rated PG Stars head to head. Roddy Piper vs Drew McIntyre

    Taking a cue from a series of articles I saw over on The Bleacher Report, a site that re-posts my own blog entries, I decided to do my own variation of something they call creature vs creature. What they seem to be doing, is having different contributors do a blog as to why they feel that the tag team they have chosen is the best of all time. That got me inspired. So for the next week, I am going ...
  4. Why is TNA ignoring the X-Division?

    The TNA X-Division Title. Once upon a time it was the very cornerstone of the company itself. This was what set TNA apart from the WWE. They even went as far as using a six sided ring to give their high flyer’s more ways to pull off new and exciting moves. But that was then, and this is now.

    Back then, you had some of the biggest names in TNA making the X-Division the thing ...

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