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  1. bobobrazil's Avatar
    how can you end mania with a happy john cena moment. when Taker will clearly be the Main event.
  2. johnmmmrs's Avatar
    now that the elimination Chamber is over we know that the Miz will defend his wwe championship against John Cena,but what we don't know is that this match will have a special guest referee we can all smeeeeeel that one. after all its Wreslemania
  3. CDave3's Avatar
    I was gonna say cena also, But now since rock is back, cena wont win chamber
  4. JohnnyPhantom's Avatar
    I wouldnt watch this Wrestlemania... but you, you already knew this.
  5. n2winlisa's Avatar
    nexus and corre will still happen u foreget t here is like 6 weeks before Wrestlemania after the ppv
  6. Lowki's Avatar
    Looks likely that Barrett and sheamus will just be thrown into the MitB match to keep them relevant. It seems to be morrison's luck that somehow he misses out on a title match though. I think the tag match could be a dark match. The divas will have a larger match tbh.
  7. BRING IT BACK's Avatar
    id like to see shit go crazy if cena helps cm punk win rumble
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