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    A mindblown moment for me was Ric Flair squaring up to Daniels. It was a good promo. But he openly said he's a hall of famer, made a point of showing off his hall of fame ring. and showed the watch VKM bought him and shawn. The circumstances of flair jumping to TNA was peculiar also. I thought he was offered a deal by WWE to represent them for promotional appearances. And then suddenly decides to not be taken care of and join TNA? If it came out that either Hogan or Flair were moles for WWE it would not be surprising
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    Thanks for all the input! I'm glad you enjoy my blogs. And on the subject of Hogan being in All-Stars and Flair and Foley not being in it, they mentioned that Mankind was going to be a part of the DLC coming next month or the month after. No word on Flair yet but, take it for what it's worth. But yeah, glad I'm not the only one who thinks that THE 'E are running a sabotage mission lol! Thanks again man! =)
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    aaaahhhhhh Touche! And i completely deserved that. But i wasnt fully aware of his name only it had been reported multiple times. But the correction is taken with a smile. Cheers.

    But still im a little closer than someone claiming sheamus is loved.
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    Rated_R(ob)KO, dude really impressed with your Blogs/Rants (tomae-to, tomar-to) lately. Enjoyable read and whether its 50% im with ya or 100% with ya i enjoy your knowledge and respect for the business. Now some of your blogs ill reply and then holdback when seeing some of the "green" wrestling fans responses (as in dont want to crush anyones dreams of what wrestling is) But this is one topic that i have argued constantly with my wife (well myself but she pretends to listen)

    Ok first thing i just wanna banter about is the all-stars game. I did agree with you until i looked at the facts, THQ signed the all-stars deal with wwe a good year before he "signed" to TNA. With all-stars it was THQ's call to keep him on, for whatever reason (he is the perfect mirror 80's image of cena, which is the point of the game). now if we had 1 more and i mean only 1 more inclusion to this i would be with you all the way, but simply put theres no Flair in All stars and no Foley and no angle which in my opinion are much more deserving of all stars spots then say Honky tonk man.

    My biggest hunch that something DEFINATELY was going on.............All this time hogan had off TNA for his back surgery and "legal issues with dixie carter", He just so happened to shoot practically the first half of "The true story of wrestlemania" in which he is hailed as a god in WWE reference. I may be wrong but through all the interviews and reference about hogan not 1 bad thing is said about him other than he "dropped the ball". DROPPED THE BALL?!?!?! HE LEFT YOU! for more money and a chance to run things his way with his friends (my view i know)................dropped the ball?!?!? how about jumped on it, popped it, dropped his dacks, crapped on it before pissing on it and walking away, only to come running back and trying to reinflate it with his already sh!t covered lips.........................

    Im with you on the Roster aswell, its all to convenient, Mr anderson practically mentions WWE every fricken episode, Foley recently spoke of a visit to WWE (although this was apparently rejected, we'll find out monday) theres to many links. I love how you reference the Hogan bischoff take over.........

    LOL serioulsy without making this "comment" a new blog........H/B come into tna, take away there 6 sides, take away there biggest star (aj) and shadow him behind a WWE legend (flair) rehire past wwe champs (hardy and rvd) bring in anderson and "coldblood LOL LOL LOL", they practically wipe out the X division while murdering the tna tag division (with ORLANDO JORDAN and EY) bring in all diva's, get rid of hamada and any other non diva type star. Hire 2 young christian wrestlers and try and promote them (in a more hardcore dominant brand, i could see wwe doing that but tna>!>?!?!) Make TNA's biggest monster some Hulk hogan wanna be obsessed fan then turn him evil again to write him off for some time, they took another star S.joe and made him a jobber. and all of this happens while ex-wwe stars take over all the story lines. and finally angle (when i tuned back in to tna) was a badass. Whether he was good or not he was not the "you suck" angle............and now (bar his lockdown appearance) they have turned him straight back into it. Anyways nice blog i agree with your theory and put it this way, i hate conspiracy theorys, but afetr VKM mention the other day of "I didnt know they were selling" from his usual what is tna?!?!? it got my mind thinking again.....

    (oh and lets not forget the best mindfuck...............A tna jobber, dressing up as WWE legends for a good 2 mnths straight.........................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm))
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    Again, good blog mate. like and respect your knowledge. But i must say, Miz is starting to get my respect, NO WHERE on a wrestling level, but on his character and persona, i hated him to begin with, now its like he has dropped the baby throwing a tantrum spill, but he needs to remember he is a heel....he cant go on talk shows and crack jokes and come across as a good guy.....just really puts down he is a media darling not a WWE CHAMPION! But again, respect as currently he is hitting 135days of champion (11/22/2010) thats a 1/3 of a year and a pretty long run in comparison to some previous reigns....which is pretty poor thinking back to the old days....but thats another issue....
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    the miz isn't champion material but he's been shoved down our throats that much, not on a cena level, but iv kinda accepted the miz in the main event picture, he aint goin anywhere guys
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    This is my take on the titles currently: (Design wise and importance of value/meaning)
    WWE Championship – (Ugly design, Does have meaning)
    World Heavyweight Championship – (Great design, no meaning)
    ECW Championship – (New version Ugly design Old - Better, Did have meaning)
    Unified Tag-Team Championships – (Ugly design, No meaning)
    Intercontinental Championship – (Decent design, Does have meaning)
    United States Championship – (Great design, A bit of meaning)
    Women’s Championship – (Good design, Does have meaning)
    Diva’s Championship- (Decent design, stupid meaning)
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