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    Great blog. Confused on the CM Punk Madness part though..What's going on?
  3. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I believe i hear the whines of a bitch
    Excuse me?
  4. BackDaFoosleUp's Avatar
    I believe i hear the whines of a bitch
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    I would think the records will show that he had the belt for a reign of 5 days, Sunday till Friday. SD! officially takes place friday, even though it is pretaped...
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    Actually the reason was because of the new movie that Orton is in. It just debuted so now he can go on all the talk shows and promo events as World Champ.

    I personally think it sucks. I'm not a big Orton fan but I'm a huge Christian fan and its a smack in the face to all that man has done in his career. He's one of the only guys who can play a perfect heel and a perfect face role. He puts on some of the best matches today because of his vast moveset and this is the respect he gets.

    John Cena & Randy Orton have won the belt a combined 18 times since 2004. And now they both are champ. Why am I not surprised?

    Question: So does Christian still have to carry the title at all the house shows until the Friday Smackdown is televised or does Orton automatically appear at the house shows as champ? I assumed Christian still carries the belt until Smackdown is aired because it would spoil it for the live audiences

    Great blog by the way.
  7. Iscariot's Avatar
    3 possible reasons why they would do the transition so fast:

    1. It was promised to Orton as a consolation prize for shifting to the "B"-show.
    2. Christian got hurt during the match on ER and WWE are concerned he might need surgery or a period of rest.
    3. It's punishment for the botch/incident that left Brodus Clay with 18 stitches, a very bloody scene on a live PG PPV, and which even put the finish in jeopardy (As it would probably not be safe to have just Ricardo Rodrigues catching Alberto del Rio when the ladder is tipped over.)
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