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  1. Sondreg's Avatar
    O deary me. What a comeback. Where do i start? Firstly the whole point of a blog is that you voice your opinion and get feedback off it. Thats what ive done, but in your case it hasnt been very positive. Secondly if somebody start a discussion you are supposed to read the post and go into the things you dont agree with. Guess that too much to ask from you. You can trow hissyfits all day long but that doesnt change the fact that your blog is literary piece of garbage. Here is another view. I hope it will get you far in your blogging career.
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    OHNOEZ!!!! Some random guy/girl/guygirl doesn't like my blog and has bad things to say about me!! Whatever will I do?? WWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! 0_o

    By the way, thanks for coming back again and again to voice your opinion. Thanks for getting me views, cheers!
  3. Sondreg's Avatar
    Not every news bit that you read on here is true. i will go as far to say that 50% of the stories are either not true or exaggerated. And how exactly does WWE look at Jericho in your opinion? You making it seem like he is not a big player in the game. He has come to a point where he can come in whenever he wants and be the character he pleases. When i was reading this blog i couldnt help but think that you just try to please people and not formulate your own opinion. Follow the herd called the IWC. (which is nonexistent if you think about it). Oh yeah one more thing , im not interesting in a recap of shit that has been posted on this website before. Instead of calling it the STATE OF THE 'E, you should of called it LOOK AT THE STATE I AM IN. Because this blog is a fucking trainwreck. Good day to you sir!
  4. Sondreg's Avatar
    lol @ the kharma part which makes no sense whatsoever. the ramblings of a mad man.
  5. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    @King Scrapper - "Confused on the CM Punk Madness part though.."

    I was talking about CM Punk's tribute to The Madness himself, "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Dig it!
  6. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Wow, I just looked at this blog and saw a LOT of typos! My apologies. Meds will do that to ya'!
  7. AOF666's Avatar
    Averno is being brought in to try to make Sin Cara (or Fumbles as I call him) look good. Fumbles botched every match he was in. Sin Cara fans, no way you can keep blaming the other guy. Every match come on, even Vince isn't happy with his performance. He is too busy trying too look impressive, instead of performing the move right. I agree about Macho though, it hit me hard.
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