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    Yes, and hell YES. Someone that KNOWS their wrestling history and KNOWS what they are talking about! Especially with #5. People complain week in and week out, but still watch. So in the eyes of the WWE, "everything is fine". The only way to send a message to a company, stop supporting them, it's that simple. You have said nothing wrong and what you have said on here are facts that many ignore because they are more spoiled than the Cena fans they complain about all the time. Good work.
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    No seriously, ... .

    Now they have the HD cams, they shouldn't cut it.

    Only wait five years or so for the 3D cams.
  3. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I don't agree with your 5th point tbh. Specifically this line "We became the worst thing in THE 'E. Spoiled little brats that throw tantrums when things don't go our way. We whine and whine to the IWC about how wrestling isn't fun anymore about how horrible it is".

    I think you're forgetting the key element here which is the fact that WWE is a business. This is suply and demand and in every business you'll see people complain about the product and how they think it should change and better itself. Even if we didn't compare the current WWE product to the one in the Attitude Era it's no secret that their current product is pretty sloppy compared to what they had at many points throughout their history. Personally I think it's ironic when parents get mad when their children see a wrestler bleed or curse but they're ok with guys attacking each other over petty matters as if that's an ok example for their kids.

    As I said it's no secret that the current WWE product can't hold a candle to the product they had in the past. Even VKM knows it, but he's willing to look the other way as long as the kids keep buying the John Cena t-shirts, lunch boxes and action figures. Are we really the bad people when we compare what we have now to what we had then? Of course not cause if we're gonna give them our time and money we damn well deserve to have imput. We're all adults here and if I order a top sirloin and you make me a bowl of slop it's my right not to eat it because I'm the paying customer. I don't have to eat it and like it too.

    As for your first point if creative is burnt out then they need to hire new writters not force us to watch re-runs of John Cena matches week after week. In no business could someone just get away with the burnt out excuse. If you're no good in your job anymore you get fired, it's the way the world has always worked and WWE's creative team is no exception. I'm not saying their job is easy, but like every person who's ever held a job they get payed for it. Storylines are not something they work on in their spare time after a shift at Sears, no far from it. They get payed alot of money for the crap they put out so storylines should look like more than something someone wrote on a piece of toilet paper as they took a potty break. Anyway it was a good blog even if I didn't agree with everything XD.
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    wow man i agree with a lot of this stuff, good to see someone with his head out of his ass
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    I actually agree on most points there but I don't know about others but I just want to see good tag team wrestling 2 on 2
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    Good stuff. I have to disagree though on Kofi and Bryan. Unless you want to tell me that someone in the WWE is holding a gun to their heads backstage and forcing them to suck on the mic, there's no excuse for mediocrity in personality. Ringmaster sucked, but SCSA sucked it up, did his bit, and created something marketable. Same with the Rock, remember nation of domination? I think over the next couple years Gabriel will eclipse Kofi tenfold. Bryan just might have a gun to his head, and I don't get those politics, but it's his career in the end, and I hope he grows a sack...
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    Del rio, Truth & Drew yes the rest they just arent worthy of a major heavyweight title maybe Barret & Morrison years down the track but thats it
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