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  1. GiantHaystacks's Avatar
    If Punk does indeed beat Taker I for one will never, ever, watch wrestling again. Taker is a legend in the wrestling business, and in no way deserves to lose the streak to anyone, let alone Punk (who I dont dislike, just find a bit meh).
  2. eyehatecena's Avatar
    I am on the fence as to wanting Punk to win over UT. It would be cool- but in all honestly- Punk should really be in the Cena/Rock match- they should have made it a 3 way match. Sure, Cena would have still probably won- but so what. Having Punk face UT- feels random- and if thats the way they are going- it will be rushed.

    Not really looking forward to this WM all that much either. The rematch from last year- the Once in a Lifetime(again) with the predictable outcome. Lesner and HHH- that could have been pushed back to Extreme Rules and had Lesner v UT at this WM. Ziggie- he seems like a bit of an after thought with this WM- though he will probably cash in the breifcase(I'd totally mark out if he cashed ii in on Cena after he won the belt- but he can only cash it in on the World Title- bummer)

    As for as a Diva's match- that would be a great match up- they need new blood desperatetly that can actually wrestle. Besides Paige is hot- she needs to be on Raw now
  3. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    The reason R(ob) here is saying the 'E owes Punk is if he had been asked drop the belt to a full timer who is always appearing on RAW and house shows say Orton or Jericho then Punk would be okay with it because they'd be showing up on RAW and wrestling but since he was asked to drop it to a part timer that could ruin the credibility he had in 434 days he HAD to get something out of it to help elevate him further.
  4. jackw9's Avatar
    Lesnar doesnt like taker so that's the one and only guy
  5. jackw9's Avatar
    Please explain why they owe punk anything he was given the title for over a year is that not a reward he asked for a programme with the rock I believe if I heard correctly last year and he's been picked to face taker a reward in itself
  6. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Good read, but i don't find all the matches very realistic. I think we won't see Jericho added into the WHC match, but instead of that will go one on one with Ziggler. Both don't have anything going atm so why not give them a opportunity to steal the show?
    I also believe we will see a DB vs Kane match at WM29.
  7. ArkhosBlack's Avatar
    The idea of The Streak is simple : Whoever beats 'Taker , will be hated and criticized forever. Doesn't Matter if it's The Rock, or Even John Cena. Whoever Beats 'Taker, will be the most hated wrestler ever.
    Why ? There is not ONE single person that don't like 'Taker. He got more respect in that company than anyone else.

    Maybe i'm overreacting. But just look : Who criticizes The Undertaker now ? Even the Writer don't think that it's because 'Taker is a bad wrestler. It's because he thinks that something good must be done with Punk.
    I Don't Know, I Don't Care. I just want 'Taker win anyone who faces him at 'Mania. (And I Wish The Best for CM Punk.)

    (Sorry for the bad English. Not my main Language.)
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