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  1. alexrules01's Avatar
    Cena should turn full heel to fuel his match with The Rock
  2. BackDaFoosleUp's Avatar
    just another bitch writing a pointless ass blog
  3. kickass's Avatar
    my nephew used to love cena too n he got bored off him some time last year, it was when cena was being supercena and he said "is this all cena does anymore", i told him yes and he decided he liked TNA better. see WWE, a kid likes TNA better than you. i think its stupid people say that cena fans are stupid 10 year old kids, when most of the ten year old kids i know hate PG and want violent, action filled wrestling shows instead of talk talk talk supercena match
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Sorry but im not at all excited about the new era of the E that revolves around Cena & Orton.
  5. TheKingOfKings1990's Avatar
    I'm not so confident in WWE's skills as of late. Don't get me wrong, I loved Punks shoot, best thing I've seen in a long long time, but once the buzz worn off I realised that WWE have a tendency to mess up as of late when they have a golden ticket to something great. In saying that, MITB is the most interesting PPV possibly this year, but it's all down to Punk and the fact is he is going.

    Monday night will be a true indication to see if they're going to run with this. If not hopefully Punk can couple up with this Sinclair deal and in a few years make ROH a force.
  6. f408m's Avatar
    Did anyone just see that heel promo on RAW.... OMFG... Its moments like this in the WWE that gives the WWE hope
  7. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Why do u feel the need to call it "the E'" ???? Are u too lazy to say WWE?
    Why does it matter what I call it? Don't be a douche over lettering lol. Also, how's it lazy? I type: "THE 'E"... I'm adding things. I suggest you watch me make snow angels now:

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