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    Back when VKM was fueding with the Undertaker, he called him by his real first name a few times.
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    Awesome blog mate, as usual
    You said that it only takes one to start the wheel..well it seems to be catching on all the way over here. Last night I went to my first WWE live event in my hometown of Auckland, and the kid sitting in front of me went against the entire crowd-full of teen girls, other kids, and various other Cena fans, and chanted along with the select few "Cena sucks". That did my heart proud, and judging by the other's comments, it seems that the kids are finally growing up and out of the palm of Cena's hands.
  3. Clikka's Avatar ive smashed the troll for being a typical douche.
    Rated R(ob)Ko, Yet again bud another great blog with very valid points. Unfortunately my nephew still is a mass cena mark and i think he enjoys the superman type character he plays. but then again my nephew loves every good guy and see's bad guys as the one to dislike. He loved truth and now gets upset and angry when he see's him on tv. Its the generation, im sure with a guiding wrestling fan/figure like yourself your son seems to understand the importance of liking who you like, not what your told to like....

    Either way and ive expressed it, im a mass wwe mark, but hate cena. I PRAY this punk storyline starts to mix things up again i really truely do. Hearing cena and punk shook hands in brisbane and watching him defend him on raw....could this be the turn we never expected? Could cena turn heel...against the E? (if that makes sense :P) Still keeps his HLR slogan, but is a mass pain in the ass for the company.....hmm to many possibilities........anyways mate thanks for the read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BackDaFoosleUp
    just another bitch writing a pointless ass blog
    .................................Just another ignorant troll posting useless crap, Mate his blogs are gold, he has an opinion and he sticks to it. And can i ask how is he biitching?? in ANY sense? He has observed his son doing something, written his thoughts and asked for our opinion.....i hear no whinging crying or moaning, he even admits he is a WWE mark but cannot agree with whats happening....

    So before you troll to make yourself all high and mighty as you sit in your bedroom mum and daddy pay for, THINK. Your free to post whatever you want, just a tip....make sure what you write even relates to the above it makes you seem like the tool you most likley are......
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    GREAT BLOG, I was never a Cena fan since he debuted his wannabe Thug just didn't cut if for me, I'm from the ghetto was born and raised but never never wanted to act like a nigga, gangsta or thug. I had allot friends from different gangs that watched wrestling and they didn't even like Cena for being something he's not but what I'm trying to say is my lil nephew and my daughter which both of them are 7 years old don't like Cena for the fact that they say he just doesn't entertain me i rather watch spongebob or Family guy then Cena they told me this 2 years ago when they were 5 yrs old. Cena really needs to change his character cuz being himself in Wrestling Entertainment ain't cutting it anymore but Heel or Face still won't like Cena enough said cuz I've CENA NUFF
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    Good blog, agreed. It's always nice to see when a kid turns around on what he's "supposed" to like, like when I was a kid and HATED Lex Luger. Well done RobKO, youve got yourself a future IWC'er in the making...he'll be writing about Cena some day too. The time they finally pull the plug and turn Super Cena heel, it will be too late and absolutley nobody will care. The whole key to this is getting those kids upset, seeing their destroyed faces (like that kid after Miz won the title), but if they all get of it and its mostly just screaming teen girls when it happens, wont be nearly as effective. They should do it and soon.
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    Good blog, I imagine that sometime in the future we'll get the heel change. It'll be as big as Hogan when he became a heel.
    @BackDaFoosleup if its a pointless blog why read it? why make a comment? Why even share your opinion about the blog if its pointless? What's pointless is you claiming someone else being a "bitch" for writing a blog. Maybe in the end, your the bitch.

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