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    Few Things,i been thinking about how they SHOULD end the streak.(sadly i don't think it will ever happen) WM28: Mick Foley Vs Taker why? Mick Foley said numous times in his book that he enjoyed working with the undertaker. it would be a Street Fight like last year. Mick Foley and Undertaker battle back and forth,but in the end Undertaker wins,and isn't seen till 2013

    Move on to Smackdown After the royal rumble, Undertaker returns,makes a big speech about no one in the WWE can end his streak,and if someone can he will retire. Suddenly the lights go dark,and after a moment they come back on. Everyone looks around confused,but at the top of the ramp,lays a black baseball bat. Now from then till Elmination Chamber nothing comes of it. Untill the Following raw. Lights out go out and vairus people get knocked out and left laying in the ring in the middle of the matchs followed by undertakers trademarked Bell Toll Sound. Now Undertaker comes out and demands to find out who it is. We never seen undertaker this spooked before. Lights go black,then back on with in 30 seconds,and its STING. Sting then klocks the undertaker and end taht raw. Now on the following smackdown Sting comes on saying how he got tired for working for hogan nad his ego,and he wanted a challange. after hearing storys from mick foley he wanted a pieace of the undertaker. now the weeks following leading to WM 29 undertaker and sting play mindgames with each other,leading up WM29. I havn't figured out how Sting would win and what kind of match it would be. but it would be a classic,Sting would be happy,undertaker will be happy and WWE can still what is left of the TNA fans who stick around for sting.
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    Hey man this sounds really neat, can you give me a link or something to a place where I can sign up or join?
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    nice summing up of the current batch of excitement mate! I cant wait for RAW! so glad CM Punk stuck with.
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    I never said the bashing wasn't unwarranted. I knew ahead of time I was going to get bashed for my thoughts and opinions and thinking good of THE 'E. It's cool though, I have no qualms with others feeling opposite towards me in that regard. And thanks for the nice words!
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    Great blog mate... as usual
    I have but one reprimand so to speak : You said many have bashed you for thinking positively about the E's creative direction this summer, which is true, but it's not like they are just disagreeing with you for no reason, for the past I dunno how many years the E has given them each and every reason to lose faith in it's Creative team.
    With that being said, great blog & great read, thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetheme
    IMO the WWE title lost it's meaning when the miz got it. Comparing him to all the others on the list, he is the most discreditable one that's there.
    really, what about Sycho Sid??
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    IMO the WWE title lost it's meaning when the miz got it. Comparing him to all the others on the list, he is the most discreditable one that's there.
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