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  1. blink's Avatar
    Did you quote batman begins?
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Sure the WWE is focusing heavily on The Rock, but its a good way to get people watching the product again, in a time where PPV buys are down, like you said. But I completely agree with Johnny Ace and Kevin Nash. Ace is just boring, like Mike Adamle. And Nash can't cut a promo for shit now. I really thought they weren't going to put him back in the ring, but he must have been in Trips' ear, and now hes got his wish. The old bastard can't wrestle anymore, as we've seen in TNA, so why have him hog the spotlight over younger, more deserving guys? He can't draw as well as he used to either, so I don't see any point of keeping him around. BTW why haven't you made any blogs for a while?
  3. ItswrestlingIwantblood's Avatar
    I actually like Nash to be honest with you, Laurenitis is pitiful though! Foley would make a pretty cool GM I think. I think they have been building up some stars. Del Rio, Barrett, are both getting good pushes. I strongly dislike ryder but he's been getting a push as well. I do totally agree with you on overscripted crap, you can totally tell in attitude era it was more real emotion because like you said they really put themselves into it. Now it's just pathetic, some of the dialouge, a grown man would never say some of the stuff they say, way to cheesy
  4. KJ522's Avatar
    Jesus fucking Christ! The Rock goes awol for months and the year is all about HIM? I thought you geeks wanted him back for years lol. Gasp! Three episodes out of dozens were centered around Rock, now Dolph Ziggler and Wade A-Ry can’t have a chance to shine! Eminem sells so many records, now other black artists can’t sell anything lol. Rock peeking his head every now and then has little to do with WWE building new stars. Ziggler has good matches…okay, WWE still hasn’t done much to give him any significance. From a mid card stand point the company’s done little to make him look decisive, and throwing him in the main event wont do much to change that (although if they did, you nerds would say “it’s too soon” lol).

    “Why focus so much time on The Rock in 2011”? Because he’s the god damn Rock, you dipshit, and he’s in a program with Cena. People have wanted this since 2005, don’t fucking act like they didn’t. It doesn’t matter if WWE had all their guys making bank, they’re still gonna take a back seat to this angle. I shouldn’t have to explain that. And don't get it twisted. I'm far from a Rock groupie.
  5. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    A good rant but I think you've gone a bit too in-depth.
    They don't make stars overnight, it takes time. I'm just happy The Rock is back at all.
  6. Synned's Avatar
    i half harted agree with this. i started watching again around the summer of punk. the raw after the "walkout" started out so strong,then BAM VKM comes back relives Trips of his Raw Gm power(but is still coo...go figure) and the whole show that night took a quicker nose dive then Jimmie Johnson in the chase this year. im hopign and praying for something to save it again,maybe it CM Punk holds the strap again. or maybe even Zack Ryder Winning the US title. but i will admit it has been slightly better then it was around the time i stop watching it after they botched the invastion angle.
  7. Rocky Austin's Avatar
    what about wade barret?they are making 3 stars right now,even the greatest promo cutter of all time the rock wasn't made a superstar in a night i,it takes time, btw shine this blog and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS
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