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  1. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    It's okay akbar. Everyone has their own opinions. Hell, I remember a time where you gushed about my blogs. It's cool. Have fun hating for no reason.

    To everyone else, thank you for taking the time to respond to my blog. Judging by the reaction, I'm not the only one who feels the way I do. It may not be a popular opinion or one everyone agrees with but, it is what it is. Thank you all for the responses!
  2. akbar's Avatar
    No one is a bigger fan of their own blogs as much as R(ob) himself, Considering how mediocre it actually is.
  3. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Enjoyed the blog, found it very entertaining...even though I disagree with virtually everything you said to a certain degree. Glad to see you blogging again though.
  4. MP.Brouser's Avatar
    You are my hero....
    Couldn't have said it better!
    Amazing blog!
  5. sret's Avatar
    I must say people do tend to be a bit negative. I watch the WWE with the intention of being entertained, and entertained I get. Apparently a lot of people watch with the intention of finding ways to improve the programming, and upon doing so they turn it into a chore, constantly reaching for something better. After watching the shows, and enjoying them, I come on here hoping to see other people praise and discuss the things I liked. That never works out. I always leave the site feeling brainwashed into thinking what I just saw wasn't actually as good as I thought it was. It's depressing really.
  6. Earthquake's Avatar
    Loved the blog mate, don't really post on here often, but wrote a very rage fueled blog myself a couple of years ago lol. When you say the "me" generation, you could not be more accurate. We have absolutely everything we ever dreamed of in this current era... and we're so fucking miserable. Material things make people forget what's good, and that's sad, and for a blog on another website. But I'm tying this in with, that of course, this attitude comes over to wrestling.

    I've been thinking, if I just stopped coming on to these websites, I'd like wrestling a lot more. I don't know, haven't tried it. For starters, I wouldn't have any idea what's going to happen, apart from the plain obvious. I wouldn't know that Cena is likely to be staying around permanently and be going into a feud with ADR until the next ppv anyway, but I know that, and it will probably happen. PG SHMEE-G, we are spoiled with these websites, if they had no access to "news" and were all just tribute sites/opinion blog sites we wouldn't be missing out on anything. Imagine that, a ban on leaks. I'm sure wrestling would pick up quite a bit, in the arena too. I wouldn't be surprised if the booking on Raw is punishment to the fans, though I doubt they have balls that big, they are a business first and foremost after all.

    Secondly, there is just so much venom. Using the internet as an excuse for unleashing venom is just an excuse. You, I got your message right away. Your venom here - is against the venom. And that is needed sometimes, because sometimes people just ruin the things you love by making it all into some horrible kinds of things when in reality it's a tv show that has entertained us for most of our years that we really do not have to pay any money to watch. And people are outraged about things? Give me a break. It's entitlement, spoiled, baby like entitlement. And it's contagious. Toxicity, it's vermin, it sticks, sticks and doesn't let go, and not enough people try and get rid of it, as evidenced from the "WWE IS RUINING EVERYTHING" attitude we have all come to see spread around. Could it be better? Of course it could. Could it be worse? Absolutely. But THIS IS FREE. And we should be privileged to be able to enjoy such a thing, instead of being entitled over it not being how we want it always to be. No wonder McMahon and co thinks wrestling fans are stupid, alot of them prove him right. If you go to a wwe event and you have a bad time, be my guest, rag on it. But don't rag on the free stuff you get into the palm of your hands every week.

    I was reading somebody bitch about how CM Punk has had such a poor record on ppv (a blogger on a famous wrestling blog) and hasn't had an important match since UT at Mania. It may have just been a mishit but he faced Lesnar not even two full months ago. Selective memory to emphasize a point. Good blog, things do need to be said, WWE does have it's faults but why make an effort when their fans won't make the effort, as soon as Christian lost his first world title that was the absolute worst. I remember going to work and reading the spoilers, and it was kinda like "Whoa". 5 seconds later, I start thinking "I wonder where they're going to go with this"? Cue BEDLAM. Youtube videos denouncing WWE. People going KERRAAAAZY on the internet. I was bummed Christian lost too, but I was just going to see where this tv show went to. I wasn't going to boycott wwe because of it. I know this sounds "I'm so great la la la la" but it's not, I appreciated wwe giving me entertainment, and I appreciated the swerve, and lo and behold, it led to a rivalry that had the best matches of that year, Christian went back to his natural role as slimy heel and Orton looked like a good face for the only time in his face run. Just wait and see guys, things could be alot alot worse. It's entitlement though, we have our ipads, skype's, ps3's/xbox's, big ass tv's, millions of games, "important" things like that. Instead of feeling privileged, we feel entitled to it all, and that vibe just goes all over the place and wrestling is no different.
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    A lot of the things you are saying are true, especially the things relating to instant gratification needs of this new generation of people, which is a fact that has been stated for years. However, IMO you are leaning a bit to far towards the WWE's side, which I don't think you would do if you were being 100% objective. Do they listen to what the fans want? Of course they do, in general, but obviously not always. Fans have been booing Cena and protesting him being shoved down our throats for several years, but that hasn't been listened to one bit. You would think that after all these years they would at least remove him from the main event picture for a time span, but nope. They removed him from the WWE title picture, but he was still main eventing over CM Punk when he had the title.

    And you know, it's not every month that fans have demanded their money back, not even every year. That is a very, very rare occurrence. That should tell you something. I don't think fans were being unreasonable. Hell, even now-boring boxing ppvs give you a winner for your $50 in the main event.

    Lastly, probably the least important matter in this blog, my opinion on the top 10/fake ppv blogs lol. These blogs on this website are written by amateurs, often riddled with numerous grammatical errors. You want real blogs, go to a real blog site. I've written countdown blogs, and they have gotten way better feedback and way more views than my actual narrative blogs. I will undoubtedly grant you the fact that the fake ppv cards are starting to make me sick though, lol. Those require little-to-no thought and are almost always ridiculously unrealistic. As for the actual narrative blogs, I would say less than 10% are actually worth a 5 star rating. They are often repetitive and boring (ie. make TNA better, WWE storylines suck, push new guys, etc.). You can't take it too seriously, and of course, I mean "you" in general, not this author. This blog wasn't bad though, just came on a bit strong in the beginning, lol.
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