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  1. The Resh's Avatar
    Where can I go to watch the new NXT? I have been looking but can't seem to find it.
  2. Dperk911's Avatar
    Great blog! I honestly dont think the e is ready to put the strap back on Cena. They are building Bryan,Sheamus. Del Rio is back, Mysterio will be back soon. My point being is that the E has a bunch of main eventers. I dont think they are going to put it back on Cena. Or maybe its just wishful thinking.

    And i hope Kofi is in it. I only see two superstars that deserves big pushes and thats Kofi and Ziggler. For the last 7 years these guys have been busting they ass. And people like Del Rio just come in and won the rumble and the strap. But thats just my opinion.

    Eff Heath Slater he is a bore to me.

    None the less good blog.
  3. dres1214's Avatar
    You're the only blog that I acutally read all the way through. Also good blog, I agree with what you said I mean, not to harp on the whole Cena issue. But, I know in the end he will win MIB and WWE will finally display at title match as the main event.
  4. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Shame to see you bow out Rob! Didn't always comment but I did always read!
  5. alfielad's Avatar
    I used to keep my eye open for "The State Of the E" blogs. Shame there will be no more
  6. jai's Avatar
    Great final blog. Better than the other garbage blogs.
  7. akbar's Avatar
    -As a blog moderator can't you do something about refusing to upload blogs that are repetitive and the 100th blog of its kind, they are just boring to read.
    Another type of blogs that in my view are a waste of space are the 'How I would book raw' type of blogs.
    -It's a shame you won't be writing anymore blogs.
    -See you in the forums sometimes
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