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  1. chato's Avatar
    I usually dont comment but i always read everybodys blogs and i gotta say i always enjoyed reading your blogs rob. Surely there must be something you can do about this. Instead of having just 10 in the home page, couldn't they increase it to have 20 or even 30 so they could be more visible to everyone. That way each blog would have a bigger chance of being scene. Anyways good luck to you and whatever you decide to do.
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Rob... Seriously... don't.

    I feel you on the overcrowded aspect. I am a VERY new blogger on the site, but I only felt that my blog was worth posting since it was an original take on something I hadn't been able to see in the vast majority of Blogs on this site. I thought a new idea might make things a little more interesting than what you said... the Top 10 lists that plague this site like the locust and frogs of Moses' day.

    However, rather than have a person who is VERY entertaining to read bow out of the game, just get together with the other moderators and trim the fat! I would much rather have you tell me that my blog is un-interesting and that I need a better concept, than to have to click 6 pages deep before I find Sudden Impact, State of the E, Blog Wars, or a few other select blogs that I actually care to read. Instead of giving the kiddies free reign to post 20 blogs about how "Raw sucks because Ziggler isn't champion (sorry DK, couldn't resist)", why not push us bloggers to put out better content? I would much rather read a blog that has valuable content than to skim through the bullshit and feel empty for wasting my time.

    And as for the "top page" comment... I sent you the one comment I have EVER sent to anyone on this site Rob because of what I have read in your blogs. I know you are a wrestling fan. I trust that moderators such as your self would choose great blogs to push out to the public... So why don't you guys choose the best 3 blogs to be "featured" on the front page, rather than just giving them to whoever post the last one. And instead of booting them out of that spot, have a vote among you moderators before actually removing one from the "featured" list?

    Just ideas, but dammit. Seeing a good blogger drop out due to problems that I myself hate kinda pisses me off. I'd much rather you guys tell people NO than to have quality bloggers get frustrated and disheartened by people posting the EXACT same blogs over and over... Lord knows I've read enough Cody Rhodes to the Main Event blogs for a lifetime.

  3. Iamthegame's Avatar
    I had to log in and leave a and DK write the best blogs on this site and I wish you werent leaving because now president of Cena's fan club ol Knox and the other kiddies are probably gonna take over and another fan of true professional wrestling bows out due to the pitiful state of 'E (see what I did there) but farewell and maybe I'll take up the reigns in the name of love of real wrestling...I see your leaving like Steve Austin leaving the E and Cena taking over..maybe I'm overreacting but you were definitely a prescence on the blogging will be missed
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Sorry to see you go man... always read, even if I didn't always comment. Great stuff... Hope you'll still be around in the forums!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, it was definitely fun reading your blogs. The thing is, I truly felt the same way you do about how overcrowded the blog board was getting. And I know you never wanted to be the one to turn someone away, so everything got thru, even if it would have been better served in the forums.

    I also agree with your point about blogs not being on the front page, don't get read. I posted my final Abdominal Stretch blog, it posted sometime in the middle of yesterday, and it's already gone. It didn't even reach 1000 views this week. That's discouraging. But I guess it's difficult unless you get actual subscribers to your blog. So people know when you post.

    As for your wrestling points. You were pretty much dead on, as usual. I personally think Big Show wins MITB for WWE Title...and they HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO come up with better star power for the WHC MITB match. Otherwise, it's looking like a complete cakewalk for Wade Barrett, or Alberto Del Rio. No one can honestly expect Tyson Kidd, Santino, or Damien Sandow to actually win that match, right? And it would be a shame if Tensai won it. I guess we'll wait and see.

    Well, Fellow Blogger, I bid you farewell. It was fun. Hopefully, I'll find it in me to not follow you out the door.

    Thank you for giving us so much awesome reading material.
  6. jackw9's Avatar
    Hopefully ur retiring in the wrestling sense of the word meaning you'll be back before we know it good blog as always
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Your blogs are slightly overrated, but that's probably due to the generic forum niceties. I still had fun reading them though. Good luck with whatever's stopping you from posting. I've had almost zero time for even the forum as of late, I know what it's like.

    Maybe you'll change your mind at some point, maybe not. Either way, best of luck in your future endeavours. Copyright infringement intentional.
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