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  1. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch everyone. I thank you all for your responses and feedback. And you all know I typically don't cuss much in my blogs but, sometimes boiling points are met haha. But yeah, glad to write again like that. Felt awesome to do again. I'll be back.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well said. I'm just going to sing some praises to you because I don't feel I have much to add to this. You were dead on here. I'm glad you said it. Someone had to. I don't know if anything will change as a result of this. We can hope though, right?

    Awesome job. I really enjoyed reading this.
  3. Earthquake's Avatar
    Cheers for message on my blog, appreciate it. Just something that caught my eye you wrote in your response to Akbar, "It may not be a popular opinion or one everyone agrees with but, it is what it is."

    That's why you're right

    And also, that Sret guy, everything he says was gold.
  4. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Call your son Nail and smack him round the head - perfectly worded blog. Hell, even this past week's Raw one idiot could be heard loudly yelling Husky Harris - what is the fucking point in that? Oh you sure showed them by remembering his last gimmick, Christ. May as well chant The Prototype at John Cena, or Mark Calaway at 'Taker. Except you don't, that's not their character's name.

    The difficult thing is to look at fans as a group of individuals, rather than a collective brain of hypocrites. The Usos are a great tag team that people have only just recently started cheering. When the tag team division was a joke they started to push the Usos, did anyone get behind them then? Not really. Instead, cries of "It really is bad when the Usos are in the title picture" could be heard.

    Rob's right. Get your shit together people.
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I actually wonder if you had left out all the cursing your blog would have come out better. As such, it to highlights the world we now live in. Unfortunately, once the internet gained momentum, so to do all the naysayers find a way to bemoan everything in life. It's not just wrestling. Go on any site and half the comments are only there to bash what ever is being talked about. I thought it was great and offered another perspective when ESPN started doing their weekly rankings, but how often did you see some schmuck posting the generic 'you know wrestling is fake, right?'. If people just left things alone and enjoyed things for themselves, maybe the world wouldn't seem so 'miserable'.
    I personally have enjoyed wrestling my whole life. I was a Hulkamaniac when I was 5. As I got older I appreciated the talents of the Hitman. I loved the fact in Canada you could watch Raw and then flip to Nitro after during the Monday Night Wars. I marked out big when Y2J, Big Show and the Radicals 'defected'. When they did the brand split I loved Smackdown as I thought they have us the better 'wrestling' matches. When I can I watch TNA for something different. And these days I watch NXT because it reminds me why I loved wrestling in the first place.
    You are right about people blindly holding onto the attitude era as this 'epic' time. Not everything was always great. I thought the 24/7 rule was one of re dumbest ideas ever. When people complain about the vacant title right now must be forgetting they did the same thing in '98. Undertaker, Mankind, The Godfather all gimmicks. And how often did Raw end with Austin going after McMahon or the Corporation. Or open with a 20 min dialogue for that matter by McMahon/Austin/Rock...
    The last thing wanted to touch in was your hate for top 10 blogs or 'dream cards', things I've written myself. I personally don't mind them. When done well. Yes, there are too many with absolutely no insight. But when people take the time to explain themselves and why they feel a certain way, it makes me think and try to see from their perspective. And to me that's what makes a good blog.
    So in short, good blog. Totally agree. Keep them coming. IF YOU SMELL... No wait... AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE... nope, not it either... REST IN PEACE... definitely not right... Ummm, I'll get back to you...
  6. MrAudit's Avatar
    I see your points and enjoyed the read but i found it a bit "finger pointy" if you see what i'm saying. instead of saying...

    "I'm sick and tired of you all complaining about things that they're trying to fix"

    try using phrases like
    "some people"‚Äč.

    We're all in the same boat here and all have our own opinions. Pointing fingers makes it look like you put yourself above the rest, which i'm sure you actually don't.
  7. ewantu2's Avatar
    The reason why everyone is angry at Battleground ending was because it was so out of no where. When show knocked out Orton everyone was like


    *Show music plays*

    "Em wtf"
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