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  1. neekowinston99's Avatar
    I ask you this one simple question, if not The Rock taking the title ending the streak then who? Who would be in your mind good enough to break the streak? How about John Cena he works hard..... wait he wins it all the time. Ryback, he's not earned it. Should I go on as I'm sure you would have reasons for everyone not to beat it. Rock is a legit legend and by his being in the title match three of my friends(who haven't watched since the Attitude Era) tuned in to watch the Royal Rumble and Raw, which I'm sure many old fans will have done, this can only be good for everyone on the roster.
  2. robbreedlove's Avatar
    not intrested in brock or hhh, I would rather see goldust vs cody the story would be much better. the only good thing about brock is it keeps heyman around.
  3. Vandarius's Avatar
    Anyone who disagrees with Rob on this sound like Rock fan boys ... Lol. We may not see eye to eye, Rob, but this blog hit the nail on the head, and I'm a fan of the Rock. Always have been, but the way they just take the title from Punk was bullshit.
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro
    You must be just as drunk as the bookers! You think Punk was a fantastic champion? And you believe every word that comes out of JR's mouth, about punk restoring legitimacy to the WWE title? JR only says those things, because Vince pays him to say it! Punk was the worst WWE champion in history. Punk may have good wrestling skills, and he may be confident on the mic, but with the worst ratings in 15 years, that tells you that punk has no ability to entertain.
    1. Punk is the worst champion because of a TV rating and you said he can't entertain because of it? This is what you call a sheep.
    2. TV ratings are slowly starting to mean less. Why watch 40 mins of adds when you can DVR it or youtube the full show?
    3. You can't just blame Punk, Most people i know stopped watching because of John Cena's main eventing over and over again.
    4. After Hell in a Cell everyone know every title defense from there would = Punk retaining till the RR.
  5. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Seriously people, if you do not like not watch it. I am done with the WWE. My kids will not watch WWE. They no longer have my support. If enough people do this...WWE will have to change. #donewithWWE
  6. bsorrell's Avatar
    good blog...dead on...the only people who would disagree with this blog are 10 year old kids and 45 year old men that still live with their mommies....
  7. goodomens's Avatar
    before the Rumble i was like "things are looking up" expecting punk to retain and anyone but cena to win the rumble. after the rumble i was like "screw this, i'm gonna stop watching". i guess i can't quit cold turkey but i did skip raw. i'll keep reading the results weekly though.
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