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  1. STATE OF THE 'E: Saturate The Nation

    [COLOR=#222222][FONT=Tahoma]Yeah... WOW!! Almost 3,000 views for my first [B][FONT=Tahoma]SOT'E[/FONT][/B] back! I only got six comments but, I digress. My new blog, [B][FONT=Tahoma]#RAWTALK![/FONT][/B] is doing pretty good as well with over 1,900 views... still only six comments but, can't get blood from stone I guess. Either way, I'm back.

    It felt real good to write another SOT'E and ...

    Updated 09-28-2012 at 12:14 AM by Rated_R(ob)KO

  2. #RAWTALK! (Number.001): 09-24-2012

    Welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of my new blog series: [B]#RAWTALK! [/B]now, I will be doing this series every week and my normal [B]STATE OF THE 'E [/B]blogs pretty much whenever I feel like it. I'm still not sure on a particular format I'd like to present this to you guys in so, I'm going to present it in a way I was thinking and see how you guys like it... let me know. THANKS!

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  3. STATE OF THE 'E: Welcome Back!

    Well, well, well... here I am. One more go round. If I get a good enough response, I'll see what happens about another one. But, considering its been months since people have read one of these... let me start it off right...

    Welcome one and all to the [B]ALWAYS[/B] imitated but [B]NEVER[/B] duplicated [B]STATE[/B] [B]OF THE 'E[/B] and I am [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B] and I'm here to discuss ...

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