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  1. STATE OF THE 'E: Can The 'E Be Fixed?

    Welcome, welcome one and all to the often imitated but NEVER DUPLICATED blog version of STATE OF THE 'E!! I as always am your traveling circus salesmen, Rated_R(ob)ko! In this edition of my blog I'm going to weigh on something personal, THE STATE OF THE 'E...

    Yes. I have been following this company for the better part of 23 years. From infancy all the way to this week. And in early 2011 ...
  2. STATE OF THE 'E: Think I Wouldn't Post About WMXXVIII?

    Well, you're obviously wrong. Welcome again to the [B]ALWAYS[/B] imitated but [B]NEVER[/B] duplicated, [B]STATE OF THE 'E [/B]in blog form! I'm your host for the evening, [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B]!! The topic for tonight? WrestleMania XXVIII of course! And I need to start by saying a couple things so, here goes:

    [B]1.) [/B]I fully, fully... FULLY support other shows doing their thing during ...

    Updated 04-03-2012 at 01:55 AM by Rated_R(ob)KO

  3. STATE OF THE 'E: The Day Has Arrived!!

    Welcome again to the [B]ALWAYS [/B]imitated and [B]NEVER[/B] duplicated [B]STATE OF THE 'E[/B] in blog form! I am your host as usual for the occassion, [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B]!!

    I'm happy. I'm happy that it is officially April 1st, 2012.. WrestleMania day. If I could get this made into a National Holiday, I would. It's certainly no secret that I'm a huge "mark" of THE 'E and always ...

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