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  1. WWE: Unknown Territory (You Decide)

    We learned right here that WWE is conducting surveys in New York with past and current wrestling fans of all age groups. Instead of a survey I think you'll learn more if you let them plan the future of WWE. Logging every storyline the poeple come up with into one file then seeing what is consistent. Then make the changes.

    -- In My Future WWE: Cena is given some much needed vacation ...
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  2. WWE: Tag Team Division - Relaunch

    The return of Battle Bowl: The Lethal Lottery
    (Starrcade '91 & '92, Slamboree '96)

    This WCW concept was excellent - the ending culmination was a disappointment.

    What Worked: The Lethal Lottery concept placed 20+ wrestlers names into a spinning barrel and were drawn Randomly and On Air to make up unique Tag Teams. These Tag Teams would pit friend vs. friend ...
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