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  1. The 40 Greatest Superstars in Wresltemania History (35-37)

    Hello everyone! I am back with another blog. This time, a blog about the 40 Greatest Superstars in Wrestlemania History.

    We all think of Wrestlemania as the biggest event of the year. The time where the feuds are better than the rest of the year and the event where the matches and the moments will be remembered and go down in history.

    But which Superstars have been the ...
  2. RAW Check! The Danish view - 17/01/2012

    Hello people! This is a new blog series I will be starting, where I will review each of the segments of RAW, hopefully you will enjoy!

    The RAW Opener

    Mick Foley comes out and says that he wants to be in the Royal Rumble. Ziggler interrupts and make a mockery out of it. Punk comes out and backs Foley up, until John Laurinatis comes out and says that Foley cant be in ...
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