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  1. Theicon's Avatar
    Very poor blog why tell people what they should do Cena sucks & so does Vince
  2. LM_StraightEdge's Avatar
    I have to agree with Robstar on the grammar side of it, would be better if it was a little clearer to read! But that aside, thought it was a very good blog! I am very anti Cena, but at the same time am anti Rey as well. I used to love Mysterio back in the WCW days and even when he first came into WWE but he is as (possibly more) stale than Cena! He deserves respect for all he has done in the business but him becoming the WHC was not believable at all. Look forward to the next blog!
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    You nailed the hammer on the head with this one, I'm impressed
  4. aweso_me's Avatar
    The issue I think with Cena and any other wrestler is not that he is not dedicated but that he gets to win everytime and that gets old. As a man, Cena is a great example. Creative is the ones that are screwing up with Cena. We all know Cena doesn't want to win every time. He has shown that he wants to put people over. Creative should throw in some new thing to his character. Cena will be able to run with it. BTW, when did Cena drop the rapper gimmick? Wasn't it after The Marine?
  5. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    regardless of all varying opinions, i appreciate all the feedback guys and seeing as this is my first attempt at a blog i am taking everything into account for what i hope will be next time

    for example, i'll review my work a lot more before hand and try not to let bias opinions come into play too much

    once again, Thanks to all that read and hoping for better things to come
  6. saint_nick's Avatar
    'Cena has petitioned the creative team to put over other guys constantly like Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder and even got Punk up to the permanent main event standard.' Really?
    Bourne is nothing more than a pot head, and is probably leaving soon. I was under the impression Punk was mainly responsible for Ryders push? Punk was already at main event standard with matches with Undertaker & Hardy for the WHC. Punk was out because of injury, but was always gonna be a WWE Champ.
    You also seem very hard on Rey. Im not really a Rey fan, and I didnt like him being a WHC. That was purly based on size, because him beating a much bigger guy like Kane for example is just not believaable. Ray has worked his way up in different promotions and is deserving of his spot for the years he has worked.
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  7. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    2 little things

    1 - dont use cena - punk at MITB as an example of cena earning his place in the title picture, that match was way after.

    2 - Cena isn't responsible for Zack Ryder being on Raw, that was all down to Punk, but on screen its shown as cena
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