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    Night of Champions, Not Vengeance
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    I was hoping they would build this Summerslam to have them face one another with Natalya winning so she could fued with Kharma first. Kharma takes the title off of her so the dream match at Mania would be set. I'm shocked that Eve wasn't the one to take the title off of Beth Phoenix. I was scratching my head at one of the Bella Twins taking the title off of Beth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aweso_me
    The issue I think with Cena and any other wrestler is not that he is not dedicated but that he gets to win everytime and that gets old. As a man, Cena is a great example. Creative is the ones that are screwing up with Cena. We all know Cena doesn't want to win every time. He has shown that he wants to put people over. Creative should throw in some new thing to his character. Cena will be able to run with it. BTW, when did Cena drop the rapper gimmick? Wasn't it after The Marine?
    Six wins and six losses in 2011 ppv events. Not exactly winning every match
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    Quote Originally Posted by tchocky360
    People who want to have clear, understandable, enjoyable to read english care.

    Rey is just as predictable in ring, but at least he has the excuse that his previous move set is pretty difficult as age and injuries take toll.
    I don't like seeing either on screen
    You forgot an and you jackass.
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    Poor blog, bad grammar, and why do people keep talking about this Cena guy and comparing him to other people. I admit I am not a fan of both, and you bashing rey does not really take away anything he has done over the years. Seriously do you not know that rey mysterio just like Eddie (RIP) was, are wrestlers that are meant to put over who ever they wrestle. While Cena has hardly ever put over someone in his career, by that I mean in matches. i.e, you said he has put over Zack but in the match they had together I did not see a spot where he verily sold me Zack as an excellent wrestler.
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    Love this blog!! I've been saying this about Rey for years. He is in need as a character change/heel turn more than anyone in the company - including Cena. Now I know a Rey heel turn is almost no chance of happening due to his high popularity and appeal to kids. But for older fans - Rey is flat boring. His character is boring - his move set is just as stale as Cena's. I definitly would not complain if Rey turned heel or came back as a new character. I prefer watching Cena over Rey anyday of the year. Great blog!
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    agree with the icon.. and i do think the guy is being a little harsh on rey.. yes he is injured and at the end of his career but look at the span of his career.. he wrestled in a very tough wcw in the 90s (btw where was cena) does anyone remember him going headfirst into the trailor by nash, all of his accomplishments there plus ecw and that place was garbage wrestling 101..
    also rey pushed plenty of ppl to the top and he must of had a reason to not want to push not sold on him either. and the ppl you said cena pushed ended up on the stoner list(bourne) on the injured list(ryder) or just not good. where was his desire to push rtruth at the capital punishment ppv?????????? that would have been a great way for cena to be groundbreaking. ushering in the first true african american wwe champion..ya i know its vinces decision at the end of the day and i could poke holes in your argument for a while longer ill end by saying this.. cena is awesome for his out of ring work.. he is a solid in ring worker..yes he feuded with some greats but not the caliber of rey mysterio..look up some of his old battles against eddie and dean malenko. chris benoit. and i could go on for days..if you love cena thats cool. but do your homework on rey before you throw him under the bus..
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