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just a couple of matches that might save wrestlemania from being the worst in history but will prob never happen

well me and some mates once loved wrestling back in the good old days 1998/2002 but now couldnt really give a shit its to much for the kids these days.

so we came up with a couple matches that we thought would save mania from being so shit this yr. we understand they are trying to push all these new ppl to be big stars because within the next 3yrs prob wwe will be losing the likes of triple h undertaker kane bigshow edge y2j and prob plenty more so i say use these ppl in the better matches while u still got them.

here is what we came up with.

wwe championship match
edge vs christian maybe in a ladder match that would be sweet

world heavyweight title match
hhh vs kevin nash with shawn michaels guest referee lot of history in that match

casket match
undertaker vs sting great match for the fans

triple threat match
john cena vs randy orton vs booker t

money in the bank ladder match
kofi kingston vs john morrison vs miz vs evan bourne vs r-truth vs rey mysterio

well thats what we think and if the kids dont like it stuff em

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