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    Ignorant blog post proclaiming you are damaging your product by not giving hardcore fans what they want. Hardcore fans like yourself are going to watch the product no matter how horrible it is. Why cater to them if they are going to stick with the product? Smart fans believe that they know what is best for the business, but they hate change. Spinner championship for example smart fans hate because it is against tradition. Smart fans who report on dirtsheets ripped the This is your life segment the day after. Ratings come in and still is to this day the highest rated segment in Raw history. The way to change your product is to cater to other fans. Not fans who watch it no matter how bad the product is. I read Bischoffs book and he didn't cater to the hardcore fans. He catered to what other fans wanted because people who claim to be smart fans will watch the product no matter how bad it is. They'll watch it and criticize claiming it should be this way or that way trying to show off how smart they are.
  2. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    Great Blog!! You made some great points there, totally agree. THEGREATONE you are spot on there I wish more time and effort was made to improve the mid card and tag team divisions! A massive example of what's wrong
  3. evilash's Avatar
    Great read mate, I think one MAJOR problem in WWE now is there is way too many "smiley, jokey babyfaces". Look at Sheamus for example, he was a bad-ass. Then he turned Face and began making jokes and smiling at everyone - I don't buy it.
  4. maymatt131313's Avatar
    Great Blog!! Here's the real problem. The WWE doesn't listen to it's fans. They listen to their advertisers. That's how we got the PG Era. That's why Cena hasn't done anything memorable or remarkable in years. With the exception of the build to Wrestlemania every year, it is almost unwatchable. The characters are boring and un-imaginative. The matches are so predictable it is barely worth watching the "go home" sequences. Surprises are gone. Yes, you can blame the internet for some of the lack of surprise, but we had the internet in 1998 and some GREAT sites for news and rumors then and wrestling was still surprising most of the time. To get change, we the fans have to change. Quit buying the merchandise, don't freaking tweet anything about the shows, and don't watch it and add to the ratings. Above all else, don't buy any of the products advertised during the shows. If the companies advertising aren't making money, they will pull out. When the WWE starts making less money, they will adjust what product they put out. And, if you can't go without the wrestling fix we all need, tune into TNA on Thursdays. It is really easy to not click on that "spoiler" link and be surprised. In writing this, I am realizing that this is something I need to do to. I pledge that after Wrestlemania, I will no longer watch current WWE programming or support any of their sponsors. I will keep updated via the net news, but no longer will I check out their YouTube Channel, watch RAW(I don't watch Smackdown), or pay for tickets to their shows when they come here(BTW, I was at the Rose Garden for the Rock's return and his best stuff he did that night was after the show went off the air.). I hope that anyone who reads this will join me in my boycott of this watered down, predictable, boring crap the WWE shoves down our throats every week.
  5. WISEGUY's Avatar
    Great blog man, I agree. Here are mine (Including some of yours)

    1. The wrong people get pushed, the right people get buried.
    2. Creative's lack of imagination.
    3. Fans aren't what they used to be.
    4. Ratings are restraining what wrestlers can say and do.
    5. Lack of respect being shown to championships, case in point the IC and US titles.
    6. Lack of PPV build ups.
    7, No credible competition for VKM from a competent rival company.
    8. Internet wrestling sites, too many spoilers thus there is no mystery to wrestling anymore.
  6. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Nice blog! The guys above already covered most of my opinions in their comments, so I won't elaborate... 1, 2 and 4 really grabbed my attention.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    What are my problems with WWE?

    Tag division and midcard mean absolutely nothing to them. They use all the energy on main event level stars. Wonder why midcarders can't get over? It is probably because they meant nothing before hand. I want midcard titles to mean something. Women's division is more interesting sadly than the IC , US or tag titles. They don't even have enough time to wrestle matches which makes it even worse.

    Everyone is the same. Heels and babyfaces are all the same with a few exceptions. What ever happened to those cartoonish characters like Kane, Taker, Mankind, and so on who used to be great heels. Not saying they should use a mask or anything, but be a dark soul kind of. Not every heel has to be a young up and coming cocky arrogant wrestler facing the veterans or some face who no one cares about because he gets no mic time.

    I used to look forward to wrestling week after week to see what happens. I not only wanted to see the main event guys like Rock/Austin, but I wanted to see Trish, Molly holly, Sable, and so on. I wanted to see Hardyz, Dudleyz, New Age Outlaws, E&C, and so on in the tag division. I wanted to see Jericho, Benoit, MVP, and so on in the midcard. I don't care about Kofi, Mason Ryan, and guys like that.
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