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  1. BIGZrudypoo812's Avatar
    damn idk about you but i love when ric flair screams into the mic and goes crazy it is entertaining and funny as hell
  2. Sony's Avatar
    Rick Martel was extremely underrated as a heel! As "the model" he drew crazy heat from the fans and had very good feuds with Jake the snake Roberts and against Shawn Micheals. His in ring performance was nothing to laugh at either. He should have held a singles championship in the WWF/E atleast once.
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Why no Dynamite Kid.
  4. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    Having Ric Flair on this list at all is insane, but to have him at number one is pretty morronic(no offence). Anyone who says these things about Ric Flair didnt see his career, they are only going by the McMahon molded Flair,,,and thats not fair to Flair.

    You say you are taking Flair's who career in to account, but then mention his "Win or you're fired" angle as his best....come on!!! Flair's angle(s) with Dusty Rhodes blow the HBK angle away big time. Not to mention his angles with Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Von Erichs, Harley Race, or Randy Savage.

    Flair has gone in to every NWA territory in the states and over seas and put over every face in that territory in front of sold out crowds.

    Ric Flair has become a joke of a person now. He made poor descions with his money and now can't get out of the business because he needs the money. You can't base anything on his wrestling career for what he has done over the last 10 years.

    Ric Flair is WRESTLING!!!! One of the greatest of all time, far....very far from over-rated.
  5. jstunna54's Avatar
    Ok. I REALLY like this list as compared to the overrated one. i LOVE lance storm and i hated when imo stone cold ruined his career when he chanted "BORING" because lance storm became a joke shortly after that... good list. shelton definitely should be here as should scott steiner off the top of my head.
  6. jstunna54's Avatar
    WOW brock lesnar revolutionized wrestling and worked his ass off and burnt himself out for the WWE. He didnt really need to make his promos because his current character had heyman doing all the talking for him

    And of course flair but no hogan...

    sigh. missing so many people...

    i can add hogan, miz, cena, even ADR,
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