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  1. Top 5 Most Under-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History

    Armed with wrestling DVDs, a cold beer, a passion for writing, and an inability to sleep properly I'm rolling right along with the blog entries.

    Since I just wrote a blog on the Most Over-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History...

    Cheap plug: check out that and my other blogs

    I have decided to go to the other end of the spectrum and list some of the more under-rated ...
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  2. Top 5 Most Over-Rated Wrestlers In WWE History

    Second blog in as many days...I'm on a roll I guess...

    Anyway, I'm usually a positive guy who chooses to acknowledge the positive aspects of the wrestling industry as it unfolds rather than to bury it every time I disagree with a decision. I recognize the challenge of producing a monthly PPV along with 2 weekly telecasts and typically give some leeway in the decision making process. ...
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  3. Good things in the wrestling world

    Hello once again all my fellow wrestling aficionados. It has been awhile since my last post, but I, like all of you, have been following our shared passion most diligently. For those of you who have read my blogs and/or posts you may know that I tend to be a positive person and choose to on occasion acknowledge the good things going on in wrestling today. This blog is meant to highlight some of ...
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  4. Fixing the Tag Division in the 'E

    I have spent the last 9 weeks studying for the Illinois BAR exam, so my posts and blogs have been put on hold. But I have given myself a couple of nights off before getting into the stretch, so here goes...

    Like many of the fine wrestling aficionados that frequent this site, I enjoy and miss quality tag team and tag matches in WWE. So I'm going to to come up with a few cost-effective, ...

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  5. The Importance of Pacing

    Pretty much anybody who has participated in organized sports at any level can attest to the importance of setting a pace. Too much adrenaline or aggression and you will burn yourself out too quickly; too much patience or hesitation and you waste valuable time and can end up costing yourself vital opportunities. This logic applies as much (if not more so) to wrestling.

    We have all seen ...
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  6. The Roaring Silence at the Royal Rumble

    I have been a member here for a couple months, but this is my first blog; so I'll keep it fairly short and to the point.

    Last night (as we all know) was the Royal Rumble, and for my money I thought it was a great event. The three matches leading up to the rumble were all very good, with great pacing and great showings by the younger talent (i.e. Miz and Ziggler). Even the Rumble itself ...

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