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  1. Top 5 Most Under-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History

    Armed with wrestling DVDs, a cold beer, a passion for writing, and an inability to sleep properly I'm rolling right along with the blog entries.

    Since I just wrote a blog on the Most Over-Rated Wrestlers in WWE History...

    Cheap plug: check out that and my other blogs

    I have decided to go to the other end of the spectrum and list some of the more under-rated ...
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  2. Top 5 Most Over-Rated Wrestlers In WWE History

    Second blog in as many days...I'm on a roll I guess...

    Anyway, I'm usually a positive guy who chooses to acknowledge the positive aspects of the wrestling industry as it unfolds rather than to bury it every time I disagree with a decision. I recognize the challenge of producing a monthly PPV along with 2 weekly telecasts and typically give some leeway in the decision making process. ...
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