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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud List!! I love Perry Saturn ( infact I love each n every member of Radicals); Lance Storm was one of the few wrestlers whom I have expecte dto be a multi time world champ but never became..

    I guess Tazz shouldn't be on the list..why in my list I wud replace him with Shelton Benjamin...
  2. Parallax's Avatar
    5. Disagree - People like Backlund for his crazy persona. I know I do. After being a vanilla performer during his first run with WWE, he came back and managed to be entertaining. The guy deserves credit for that.

    4. Warrior has NEVER been "over-rated. Except by his super-marks. Not sure why you even listed him.

    3. Brock pulled his weight. Yes, his best matches were with better performers, but the fact that he was still relatively green when he had those matches is proof enough that he had what it takes. If he had stuck it out, he'd be one of the best in the business right now.

    2. Sid was boring at times. But he was entertaining. Didn't draw a dime, but entertaining. But like Warrior, I don't recall Sid ever being over-rated.

    1. Flair was the man until about 1991. Everything after that, yes, he was over-rated for the most part. Except for his crazy promos. Sorry, but a guy losing his shit completely the way Flair does is hilarious. Then again, I'd be perfectly happy never seeing him wrestle another match again.
  3. JoePublic's Avatar
    I disagree with a lot of this list. Backlund was dull as a personality that's for sure but as an in ring performer he was an excellent technical wrestler.

    Lesnar has one thing that most people wouldn't have in his position, authenticity. He is still proving that now, Lesnar also left before his potential peak. His matches with Angle are something else, as was his atheleticism.

    Flair? He has certainly done his legacy no favors but he is certainly not THE most overrated wrestler ever. I agree with some of the other comments here, he had incredible matches and feuds with Steamboat, Savage, Rhodes Funk etc but what about the people the people he made look like a million bucks that weren't even in his league, Kerry Von Erich, Tommy Rich, Ronnie Garvin, Lex Lugar?? A very harsh criticism of someone who is probably doing more than anyone to erase the amazing things he did.
  4. JoePublic's Avatar
    Mike Awesome would be on my list, when he wasn;t saddled with awful gimmicks and put with the right people he was well, awesome. Like Sid but able to work lol.
  5. Marx's Avatar
    I don't agree with Taz. I think that, during his whole career, he has been credited enough, which he earned.

    WWE didn't need him when he was there, and he physically could'nt go enough to put a title on him. The champ has to go every time, and I believe Taz was too much of a liability, so why build a guy, put him over others, whilst you know/think he can't get to that final stage?

    About Davey Boy: I agree with you, but read and heard that the guy kinda was a dick backstage. Maybe that held him back.
  6. bharath's Avatar
    Nice list, bro! I was thinking I was an outcaste for thinking so high of Lance Storm - great to know someone shares my view!!

    My 2 cents - I was expecting to see Mr. Perfect on this list. He is under-rated (I say 'is' because well after his death, he still remains under-rated). His "achievements" (lets face it, he didn't walk out too often with titles around his waist) show absolutely no credence to the sheer charisma that his gimmick and in-ring work exuded.
  7. BIGZrudypoo812's Avatar
    Shelton Benjamin could of been the black Shawn Micheals, he put on great matches
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