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  1. nosellshogan's Avatar
    If Sting does come to wwe I hope he comes out to his theme song he used before turning into the crow and he's decked out in full rainbow colors just to throw everyone off.
  2. agent cannon's Avatar
    Stings profile has been removed from TNA. I not trying to add fuel to the fire but take it for what it is worth. TNA really drag their feet about removing people, they didn't remove kevin nash until after the royal rumble.
  3. evilash's Avatar
    Good opinions man, but let's face's the Undertaker who's returning via the 2-21-11 messages. The second message on Raw clearly teases that it is in-fact the Undertaker. Yeah, it's true that EVERYONE could be keeping us Fans in the dark if Sting has, in fact, signed with the WWE.

    Hell, I really DO believe Sting will be in a WWE ring for a match or two at some point, but not at Wrestlemania or really the foreseeable future.

    But, who knows?
  4. Rated_PG13's Avatar
    I agree and I am actually an independent film producer/director/writer. My ultimate goal is to be a writer for WWE some day, or maybe even TNA. I love wrestling and I'm always thinking of new and different ideas. I think it's about time some of the writers on staff in both companies really looked at what they were doing and try to see it from a fan's perspective.

    Having said that, there are a lot of reasons why wrestling isn't as popular today as it was ten years ago. Two big reasons are that there was a lot less choice (less internet presence as well, no iPods, etc) back then for your entertainment time than there is today - and that what the WWE (and WCW) did had never been done before. It was all fresh, brand new; it was cutting edge TV. Everyone wanted to see what would happen next. Nowadays, it's very hard to do something that hasn't been done already. It's not impossible, but it is difficult.

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