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  1. Possibility of Sting to WWE

    Before I go into Sting debuting in WWE i would like to state that in my opinion I'm leaning towards the mysterious 2.21.11 being The Undertaker (but please be Sting).

    There is an article on titled. "Dont Expect Sting in the WWE." In this article two quotes are used to back up the article's title. "I am older and have a family. The schedule would not work. ...

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  2. Creative Writers In Big Promotion Pro Wrestling.

    I am new to this site, but have been a long time Pro Wrestling fan, and now its time to vent.

    Something that has been irritating for me for quite sometime is the lack of "creative writing" in both WWE and TNA. I understand that Pro Wrestling is now a part of sports entertainment, but what is going on is ridiculous. I would say that the WWE is by far more superior in story ...

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