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  1. A Returning Fan...What's Changed?

    I'm finally back in it.

    At the end of 2011, I decided (for a few different reasons) to essentially stop following professional wrestling. Not just WWE - all of it. No 'E, no TNA, no ROH, no Chikara, nothin. It wasn't really for lack of interest, so much as there was just too much else going on that I didn't really have the time anymore. So for just about two years, I gave it up.
  2. Basic Thoughts on the State of The WWE

    My first blog! Exciting. First of all, I just want to say that I'm not biased for or against any company. I like TNA and WWE, but for different reasons. Just want to get that out of the way.

    Okay, so. Here's my two cents: I think a lot of what the 'E is doing is fine, and I think there are things they need to improve on. While I could go on about how well they're doing with some things, ...

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