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    Didn't even mention The Miz, because The Miz was clearly the top Superstar of 2010.
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    i enjoyed this blog for the most part so heres what i agree on. i agree about ted dibiase, he is being raped by creative. ted actually can wrestle his ass off, better than orton in the ring if u ask me. swagger was treated like pure crap i mean they dogged his push but to bring him to the point where he actually isnt shown on smackdown for a couple weeks is outrageous. he should leave if u ask me. Youre right about the nexus and ken anderson and yea i love cena wen he's not the champ as well. Tyson kidd will be a star, he could have a decent feud with evan bourne or daniel bryan. and lets face it, rey mysterio is soooooooo boring man. he's done the samething since wcw like what the hell is going on i mean he's one of the greatest wrestlers ever but the wwe needs to do something because his gimmick is annoying. Look at how many times randy orton changed, he went from a nerd, to the cocky pretty boy ladies man, to the vicious viper. cena went from the new tough kid, to the rapper, to the marine and to the super hero. Mysterio has been the same since like forever

    On the other hand, i dont know why people like del rio, i cnt stand him lol. and i cant believe you didnt mention the miz at all. im pretty mutual im not the biggest miz fan but he's ok and a decent champ although i feel others like dolph ziggler or kofi kingston might have deserved the belt before him.

    nice blog keep it up
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