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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The more I think about it, the more I like the card I came up with. Matter of fact, I'll go ahead and call myself a stinkin' genius! Every match is quality and you get the big named guys on the card. WWE can always do a pre-show battle royal with people like Ryder, Khali, Santino, 3MB, Big E, Usos, Kidd, Gabriel, Maddox, etc.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    This card should be the answer key...

    HHH v Lesner II - Just for the name value of both guys.

    Rhodes Scholars v Team Hell No v PTP v some other random team in a Tag Team elimination style match

    Returning Morrison, Miz & Kingston v The Shield - gets those guys on the card in some form of gimmick match (like a street fight)

    Heel Orton v Sheamus - Gives both a fairly big hour #1 main event.

    Returning Christian v Cesaro (C) for the US Title - Just seems like a great fit for the quick witted & well skilled Christian vs the up and comer.

    Returning Jericho v Barrett (C) for the IC Title - Would be a great match to further propel Barrett.

    Ryback v Big Show - Ryback gets his WM moment

    Punk v Taker - Mr. Ego gets his shot at ending the streak

    Cena v The Rock (C) for the WWE Title - Cena wins, gets the title for paying his 2012 dues. Rock goes back to movies.

    Del Rio v Ziggler (C) for the World Title - I'm fairly certain Ziggler will be cashing in on Del Rio soon and this could be a great rematch.
  3. Vince Lupton's Avatar
    Horrible. I feel dumber for reading this. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Eh, I don't know about this one. There's no way Rock doesn't end the show. He's the main draw of this event. Also, I think there's probably about a 99.999999% chance that it will be Rock vs Cena. Top draws squaring off in a rematch of last year's record breaking WM. The rest is blah. I wouldn't be enticed to buy this one.
  5. mizfits2012's Avatar
    god that sucks..... i can make a better show with 3 people on the show better than that idea like the royal rumble
  6. KingWade's Avatar
    Can't see alot of this going down, especislly Cena being in that triple threat match. Not going to happen. He will be tied in with Rock one way or another, if not then he would face Punk. Cesaro vs Barret is a big no no as well. Both of them should get wins at Mania.
  7. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    Wow, where to start? There won't be a MITB match, no way. Del Rio will have something to do. It will be Sheamus and Orton for the WHC, you're right about Ryback and Big Show, but not for the gold. Punk and Taker is probably right. Brock will face Triple H again, Cena will fight Rock for the title. Cesaro vs Miz or Swagger, either one. God knows where we'll see Barrett, there aren't many legitimate faces to go for the IC title. Kane and D Bryan, NO!!! We might see Mysterio and Sin Cara if we're lucky. Not bad for your first one, but some of your predictions are a stretch at best
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