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  1. WWE: The Sad Truth About the Divas

    I know this is related to my last blog and yet it's different enough to deserve a separate blog. I just read the following news on this website:

    WWE officials like Kaitlyn as a personality, but feel it will be a while before she improves her in-ring work. Meanwhile, Naomi is considered such a good athlete that she raises the bar for other female talents—which some feel could cause ...

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  2. The Short Comings of WWE

    Ok so before I get to the big reveal here are some questions you should ask yourself:

    1. Do you watch RAW and/or Smackdown every week? Every other week? As often as possible?

    2. Do you pay for the ppvs thinking or knowing they will be crap? Did they prove you wrong?

    3. Do you buy Smackdown vs RAW games every year knowing you'll only play it a few weeks ...

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